5 Best Auto Insurance Companies in Washington, D.C.

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Washington, D.C. Auto Insurance Reviews

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Allstate tops J.D. Power’s regional customer satisfaction evaluation — and considering its policy details, we can see why. For starters, the insurer’s standard coverage includes a claim satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re unhappy with your auto claim, you’ll receive a six-month credit on your premium costs, no questions asked.

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This satisfaction guarantee is only one of Allstate’s coverage strengths. The company also offers preferred coverages like rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, and new car replacement, plus sound system insurance, classic car coverage, and other hard-to-find options.

In addition to great coverage and strong customer satisfaction, Allstate’s website is our favorite among D.C.’s top insurers. It features plenty of resources, including information on ridesharing coverage and a guide to understanding auto insurance, along with links to outside sources.

Allstate’s site also walks you through the quote process, automatically including discounts for which you pre-qualify like anti-lock brakes, safe driving, and early signing. At the end, you’ll have the option to explore several different insurance tiers, depending on how much you’d like to pay upfront and monthly, as well as the amount of coverage you’d like.

State Farm

State Farm receives excellent financial stability ratings, topping the charts with an “A++” from A.M. Best. This means you’ll never have to worry about the insurer’s ability to pay out on a claim. State Farm also earned an above-average reader satisfaction score from Consumer Reports — although we will note that it underwhelmed in J.D. Power’s Mid-Atlantic survey, taking home just two out of five Power Circles.

State Farm’s standard and supplemental coverages were on par with other D.C. insurers for the most part — though we did notice a few standouts. For one, State Farm offers ridesharing coverage (which is included with other providers on this list, but hard to find elsewhere). We also appreciate State Farm’s offerings for teen drivers, which include the Steer Clear program, an online driving course designed to hone young adults’ driving skills and earn them a discount.

State Farm has several other ways for young drivers to save, too, including savings for good grades — up to 20% off — and for students away at school. These are on top of its standard discount options, like safety feature, multi-policy, and multi-car discounts. All told, there’s a good chance you’ll get a price cut with State Farm, so it’s worth getting a quote to see how rates stack up.


Progressive boasts solid ratings in the customer service and claims satisfaction spheres, so it’s worth getting a quote in your search. We especially like that Progressive’s online quote tool breaks down your policy in understandable terms, and lets you select from multiple coverage options based on your budget. Plus, if you want to search for a policy based on rates alone, Progressive’s Name Your Price tool lets you do just that.

Progressive offers a variety of discounts, including some that are easy to obtain. For example, you can receive a discount just for starting an online quote. You can also earn discounts by signing documents online and utilizing Snapshot, a usage-based program that tracks and rewards you for safe driving habits.

That said, it’s worth taking a closer look at how much Progressive’s discounts can save you compared to other companies. For instance, we noticed that its multi-vehicle discount maxes out at 10%, while State Farm’s goes as high as 20%. Be sure to keep an eye on the discounts you’re offered online and factor that into your decision when choosing between providers.

What really stands out about Progressive are its lenient qualifications. Clients receive a discount for owning a home, condo, or mobile home, even if Progressive doesn’t insure it. Similarly, Progressive’s multi-car discount applies to anyone you live with, including roommates and domestic partners — not just family members. If you end up talking with a Progressive agent, be sure and ask them about these different ways to save.


USAA outweighs the competition in terms of customer satisfaction. It was the only D.C. insurer to be ranked five out of five for claims and overall experience by J.D. Power. Consumer Reports gives USAA a score of 95 and “excellent” ratings across the board. On top of that, its financial ratings from all three agencies were the strongest of the bunch.

So, why isn’t USAA our top pick? Here’s the catch: USAA only provides coverage to current and former members of the U.S. military and families, which disqualifies many Washington, D.C. residents. But if you’re eligible, we wholeheartedly recommend getting a quote.

Beyond its customer experience and financial strength, USAA has plenty to offer. We especially appreciate its add-on coverages, including accident forgiveness, and everything from anti-lock brakes to interior electronics. We’re also big fans of USAA’s flexible payment options, which allow you to pay 100% upfront, set up a plan for six or 12 months, or tailor premiums to your military pay schedule.

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