20 of The Most Popular Blog Types This Year Edition

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20 of The Most Popular Blog Types This Year Edition
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20 of The Most Popular Blog Types – 2020 Edition

So, you want to start a blog but don’t know what to blog about. Well in this guide I will show you all of the most popular types of blogs that are out there on the internet. Blogging is something that can be very rewarding if you are truly committed to it and absolutely love what you’re writing about. However, getting started and staying focused on a particular subject is something of a challenge to a lot of individuals in the beginning.

I can certainly give you a boost by helping you narrow down your choice of subject matter and focus. To do that, we’ll answer a common question:

What are the most popular blog types?

I’ve compiled a list of 26 popular blog types and a little bit of information on each one so that you can determine which one is the best fit for what you want to accomplish.

Starting a blog has never been easier. There are loads of user friendly blogging platforms to choose from. You can literally be set up with your own domain, hosting, email and blog in just 30 mins. Take a look at Hostgator or Bluehost to see just how easy it is to get up and running with your blog.

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With that goal in mind, let’s dive right in.

Health & Fitness Blog

A hot blog for those who are focused on fitness is the health and fitness blogs. Those who have a background in training athletes, leading exercise classes, are knowledgeable about diet and nutrition, or a combination of any of these areas and more often accomplish a great deal with this type of blog. Bloggers in this niche tend to consider things like:

• Specific workout plans to target problem areas.
• Supplements that can help their readers get the most out of their workout.
• Various types of diet plans as well as tips and tricks for sticking to them.
• Recipes and menu planning.
• Sharing scientific studies focused on various aspects of fitness.

There are a wide variety of subjects to be covered in this type of blog, even if you choose a specific niche. These blogs are also read by a broader audience, but the competition is fierce, so you better come with your “A” game.

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I really like NerdFitness’ approach to the health and fitness niche. It’s a great example of a fitness blog that comes at things from a different angle. Here’s what they say about themselves:  “Regardless of where you’re at on your fitness journey today, we’re a community of underdogs, misfits and mutants that can’t wait to help.” 

They’ve targeted a certain type of person and created content that they’d want to read. They’ve approached this target audience with exactly what they want to hear which “We’re not about getting jacked / ripped or staying slim – its to feel good about yourself and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life!” Nerd Fitness operates like a video game – you create your character and track your workout quests online.

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DIY Blogging

There are some who enjoy the satisfaction of making and fixing their own things. If you are one of those people, you know that feeling and you probably enjoy sharing your experiences and knowledge as well. A DIY blog is a great outlet for you to help teach others how to accomplish various tasks with their own hands and enjoy that same satisfaction you feel.

These blogs can be very broad in nature, but the most successful ones tend to focus in on a specific subject, such as:

• Home maintenance hacks.
• Landscaping.
• Woodworking.
• Welding.
• Arts and crafts.
• Construction.

These are only a beginning point for ideas, because there are tons of niches found within those subject areas as well. You will need to be very focused and at the top of your game with this type of blog as well, because there is a lot of competition when it comes to DIY blogging.

My favourite DIY Blog is Paper & Stitch

Created by Brittni Mehlhoff when she was a high school art teacher, she started her blog, Paper and Stitch, to document her passion which is DIY and crafts. She blogs about her own experiments in fabric, paper, paint, and more. Over the years she has developed the blog further by widening the site’s content focus into fashion, travel and recipes.

She monetises the site via Google Ads, sponsored posts and affiliate programs such as Amazon and ebay.

Sports Focused Blogs

Estimates place the number of indigenous sports and sporting games at over 8,000, so there is no lack of sports fans or sports to write about. If you are an expert in a particular sport or simply love all sports in general, then a sports focused blog might be the outlet for sharing your knowledge and passion.

Sports blogs tend to focus on specific sports, specific sports teams, or even specific players or participants. The more popular sports tend to be well covered and those who have established blogs have a loyal readership, making it tough to break into those areas, but there are niches within them and sports that do not garner as much attention where you might buildup your own audience. If you are passionate about a particular sport and have a lot to share, consider this type of blog.

I’m a massive Carlisle FC fan  ( for my sins ) and love all aspects of the Beautiful Game ( Soccer ). I love reading about the history of football and alternative stories and views. This is why I absolutely love In Bed With Maradona or IBWM for short.

Its a beautifully written world football / culture blog that has a loyal following. It takes a different angle when it comes to football blogs, which is why its so popular.

Finance Related Blogs

Regardless of whether you are talking about households, small businesses, major corporations or non-profit organizations, there is always a need to understand how to best handle income and expenses. Those with a heart to help individuals, business or institutions through financial difficulties might want to consider a finance related blog.

These blogs tend to look at such aspects as:

• Saving and retirement planning.
• Budgeting and expense planning.
• Investment advice.
• Loans.
• Building up capital.
• Long-term planning.
• Insurance and securities.

These are only a few of the suggested topics to be addressed in this area. There are plenty of niches to be found inside each of these subjects as well. These are highly read blogs and there is a ton of competition, so you will want to be someone who really knows your stuff and you will want to start out in a niche where you are a recognized expert to make this one fly.

My favourite finance related blog is SaveTheStudent. I love blogs that do things differently or target audiences that you’d never think would be so popular.

Blogs about Politics

The single topic on most people’s minds on a daily basis is politics. Politics tends to stir up passion about as much as or more so than any other subject matter. Those who step into the world of blogging about politics had better be thick skinned and able to handle themselves well when confronted with differing opinions.

These blogs can take a serious and informative approach to the governance of one’s local area, the nation and/or the world as a whole, or it can take a more humorous approach. There are tons of niche areas to be brought into light with a political blog and plenty of opportunities to be either a conformist to a particular viewpoint or a rogue to all of them. Regardless of which approach you take, you can expect to have plenty of active participation whenever you venture into this arena, and not all of it will be complementary, so be prepared to deal with criticism or don’t start this type of blog.

My top pick for a Politics Blog is Guido Fawkes – Order-Order.com

Fashion Blogging

A subject matter that is also very popular among bloggers and readers alike is the fashion blog. Those who have an eye for fashion, fashion trends or even alternative fashion can find a home within this style of blog.

These types of blogs tend to focus on major events, new releases, alternative fashions or creative fashion. The range of subjects within this particular area is broad as well. Those who consider starting a fashion blog will likely find their greatest success through focusing on a specific niche within the broader world and building up a name for themselves in this highly competitive area. However, if you are passionate and know your stuff, you can break in and draw a huge audience as you develop your blog.

Food and Recipe Blogs

Besides providing nutrition, food is one of the world’s most popular pastimes. Those who enjoy gourmet cooking, eating healthy, fine dining or simply trying out new recipes will find an excellent outlet for their passions by writing a food blog.

These types of blogs can take in a broad range of subjects that match up with local cuisine or explore that which is more exotic for a unique dining experience. But dining and eating out is not always the focus. Many food blogs concentrate on various types of recipes and cooking as well, including:

• Baking.
• Cultural cuisine.
• Diet and health focused recipes.
• Party and holiday cooking.

The most successful food blog tend to have found a particular niche and establish the authority of the author as the expert in that particular type of cuisine.

Travel Blogging

Everyone likes to getaway to new and exciting destinations. Regardless of whether they are retired and exploring the world, taking their family to the very best vacation spots or looking for the best place to honeymoon, travelers are always looking for the very best. The very best can include:

• Discounted airfare, hotels or rentals.
• Vacation and holiday packages with the highest quality and service.
• Dream getaways.
• Most exotic places.
• Places that provide for plenty of adventure and new discoveries.

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If you love to travel and can design your own niche in this highly competitive blogosphere, where you can be the go-to authority, you can have a very successful travel blog. In addition, when you promote certain packages and destinations, you and your family might even get the opportunity to try out new places and take some fabulous trips at a significant discount.

My top pick for a Travel Blog is Dan Flying Solo

Blogs about Music and Musicians

It has been said that music is food for the soul. That must certainly be true because just about everybody cherishes some sort of music or rabidly follows some musician, group or band. Because of this, those who know music and have a passion for sharing that passion and knowledge might make a place for themselves blogging about music or specific musicians.

These types of blogs tend to be extremely competitive on a broader scale, especially when you focus on more popular styles of music and those groups and musicians who are in the limelight. Breaking into this world among those will take some special connections and credentials, but there are plenty of underrepresented genres of music and musicians that can be a great subject for blogging. Another approach is to promote a particular type of cultural music with an informative and exploratory approach. Establishing yourself as an authority in those lesser publicized genres and musicians can become building blocks to higher exposure and greater overall authority in the industry.

Lifestyle Blogs

One of the most commonly read sections of local and national newspapers and commonly visited channels in your cable package have to deal with lifestyles. No doubt it is our curiosity of how the other half lives that drives this fascination with lifestyles. Regardless of the motivation, if you love exploring various lifestyles and cultures, you are probably a good fit for this type of blog. Topics included in lifestyle blogs revolve around:

• Local events.
• Cultural events.
• Arts and crafts.
• Archeology and artifacts.
• Local history.
• Human interest stories.

You can picture yourself as a museum curator whose medium for displaying their discoveries in a blog. This is a great blog for someone who enjoys a wide variety of interests and has a knack for bringing out the dramatic and unexpected.

Parenting Blogs

Let’s face it, if raising children were a picnic, then there would be a whole lot less stress in our modern world. Those who are raising children or who have successfully completed the task are often the best at providing advice for those who are new at the job or needing advice on how to improve their job performance. Parenting blogs tend to have a huge following and they tend to be faithful followers.

Blogging topics included in parenting focused blogs tend to follow age-ranged categories. They look at techniques for dealing with certain challenges in each age range, finding activities suited to them, varying nutritional needs, early education or remedial educational efforts, or specifically geared toward meeting the needs of special needs children. Finding a niche where you can establish yourself as an expert rather than trying to paint with too broad of a stroke is the best way to break into this sector of the blogosphere and begin to see some early success. So, if you know a little something about raising children, don’t hesitate to step up and deal out your much needed advice to worried and frustrated parents who need your help.

Business Blogging

Business is what drives the American dream. If you have a lot of business experience as well as a passion for helping others to meet their goals and grab hold of their dream of greater independence, then this just might be the place where you will shine.

Business blogging is highly competitive and requires a fairly high level of expertise and some pretty impressive credentials if you are going to be among those rated at the top. However, there are plenty of niches within the world of business that you can zero in on and establish yourself as an expert. You will be best served to start with small and locally based subject matter and work your way up, unless you have already built a name for yourself in the business world. Stick to what you know and let that drive your business blog.

Pet Lover’s Blogs

Do you have a love for animals, especially pets? If so, then a pet lover’s blog might be the way to go. Not only does this blog work well for pet lovers, but it is also a great way for those who provide veterinarian services, grooming, operate shelters and perform training services to educate and communicate with clients and potential clients.

Pet blogs have a large readership in the blogosphere, especially in the broadest categories and with the most popular pets, so the competition is fierce. However, there are plenty of niches within those broader and more popular categories that you can work your way into. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to start blogs about exotic or alternative pets that will allow you to establish yourself as an expert, and then you can build upon that success. If your passion is for animals and pets, don’t hesitate to start a pet lover’s blog.

Gaming Related Blogs

Games and gaming are an ever growing sector of our modern culture. In fact, gaming is growing at such a rapid rate that keeping up with everything that is new and hot can be an overwhelming challenge. If you are passionate about gaming and can put down your controller long enough, you just might be able to establish a well-received gaming related blog. Gaming blogs typically consider:

• Events.
• Hardware.
• Cheats and hacks.
• Game reviews.
• New releases.

Avid gamers who want to start a gaming blog are best advised to find a niche and build up their reputation, but with such a wide range of topics and such a broad readership, those who know their stuff will move up quickly in the ranks.

Blogs Sharing Personal Experiences

Human interest stories appeal to a lot of people. So, if you have a knack for capturing the dramatic in life and tend to find yourself enjoying a wide variety of exciting experiences, this might be the perfect outlet for you.

Those who write personal experience blogs discuss their most recent adventures, daily life in an exotic locale or experiences that are unique and capture the attention of an audience. These blogs tend to have plenty of photos and videos to go along with their content.

Movie Buffs Blogs

Movies give people the opportunity to live vicariously through the lives of their favorite characters. Those who are big movie buffs and are passionate about sharing their opinions and experiences with various movies might do well with a blog for movie buffs.

Movie blogs often include news and reviews of new releases or upcoming features. Sometimes they also follow specific stars. These bloggers are often given opportunities to watch premium movies before they are released to the public and enjoy a lot of extra perks when they make it up toward the top of the ranks.

Car and Automobile Blogging

Nearly everyone dreams of a certain car or auto that the hope to have one day. Many look back at cars they once had with feelings of nostalgia as well. Few people are more passionate than car, truck and auto enthusiasts. If you are among those who share this passion and know your stuff, a car or automobile blog might be the answer for you.

Car blogs take on a very broad spectrum of possible subjects. Those subjects could include:

• Sports cars.
• Luxury cars.
• Auto racing.
• Auto restoration.
• Tricked out trucks.

These are just a few examples of subjects you could choose for your blog. You could also get into detailing, special maintenance, classic cars, or where to get hard to find parts. The sky is the limit in this genre and you are sure to be able to find a niche where you can begin to grow you audience.

For a car blog that’s a little different than the normal “petrolhead” approach to car blogs, have a look at GreenMotor.co.uk

Natural Remedies Blogs

Though a lot of what is involved in this type of blog is health and fitness focused, the primary objective of a natural remedies blog is to examine the various health benefits of certain foods, herbs, spices and compounds as alternative forms of medicine. These blogs tend to focus on either preventative measures, remedies or a combination of the two.

These blogs can be broad, providing a guide for all types of conditions and remedies or more narrowly focused in a specific niche of natural remedies, such as aroma therapy or teas and tinctures. You will want to be sure that you inform your readers that your blog is meant as a supplement to professional medical advice and not a replacement for it in order to cover yourself legally. If you have an understanding of a wide variety of compounds and the impact they can have on individual health conditions and you have a heart for sharing your understanding and discoveries with others, you might consider this type of blog.

Blogs Focused on Being Frugal or Saving Money

Those who have a heart for helping people stretch their household income a bit further might want to create a blog that focuses on being frugal or saving Money. These types of blogs tend to have a wealth of tips and tricks that have helped a lot of households make ends meet. They might include such things like:

• How to create a household budget.
• How to use coupons.
• How to properly use credit and credit cards.
• How to save money on common items by doing it yourself.
• How to locate quality products and services at discounted prices.

These are just a few of the many suggestions and tips that this type of blog might focus on. Adding your own twist, tips, creativity and approach is sure to be a way that you can help others, just like you, manage their household finances and stretch their income a bit further.

Hobby Related Blogs

This is probably the broadest category of blogs possible for obvious reasons. There are innumerable hobbies of all sorts. Some hobbies are a lot more common and popular than others, which makes it a lot easier to find an audience. However, there are less popular hobbies that don’t often get the coverage that the big ones receive.

Often times, a niche hobby, which reaches a very specialized audience can become quite successful simply because there is such a small amount of competition. Regardless of which hobby you choose to write about, you can become an authority on all things related to your hobby or be the one authority specializing in a particular niche within the wider framework of that hobby. Your voice and your particular expertise is what really makes it fly, so be bold and share your those special talents with the blogosphere.

Prepper & Survivalist Blogging

There is plenty of uncertainty in our modern world. Natural disasters, political upheaval and economic crises abound. Being prepared to face the various challenges of providing your home with an alternative power source, being able to grow and store your own food, or being able to filter contaminated water are just the beginning of the types of subjects covered in prepper and survivalist blogs.

Writers of these types of blogs tend to have a wealth of subjects to cover, even if they specialize in just a few of the many subjects. A great number of these blogs are “How to” or “DIY” type blogs, but with a focus on accomplishing these goals when resources are limited and individuals are forced to survive. If you have a heart, the knowledge and the desire to help instruct others on how to be prepared to face the challenges of an unstable world and survive, then this type of blog is a good one to keep in mind.

Blogs Focused on News and Current Events

Journalism students who want to build their resume might seriously consider a blog focused on news or current events. This is a great way for you to show off your stuff and catch the eye of important editors. Besides journalism students, there are people who just enjoy taking a look into what is going on a reporting about it.

News and current events blogs often focus on local events, scientific and technological breakthroughs, politics, religion, or cultural events. Local or regional type blogs can cover a broader range of subjects, but those who hope to be exposed on a national or international stage will want to pick a particular subject matter as their niche and stick to it to build their audience.

Guest Host Blogging

The best way to think of this type of blog is to channel Conan O’Brien, Craig Ferguson, Oprah or some other talk show host. The point of this type of blog is to provide your readers with a variety of experiences and a broader perspective of our modern world by bringing guest bloggers into your blog, much like a talk show host brings guests onto their show.

This sort of blog can be as general or specific as you want it to be when it comes to what subject matter you prefer to provide to you audience. Some who choose to be guest host bloggers will even allow their audience to drive the subject matter. However, those starting out will need to focus on providing the content until they build an audience before going off on an audience driven venture. If you are one who likes to explore and share your discoveries, this might be the type of blog you want to start.

Rogue Blogging

There are a lot of people going rogue in our modern society. Let’s face it, being just like everyone else and conforming to the masses is not suited for everyone. Those who have to be rebels also need an outlet to explore their particular bent and share their views with fellow rogues.

Many rogue bloggers investigate and explore conspiracy theories, discuss alternative lifestyles or simply present alternate viewpoints that go against the grain of the main beliefs of the masses. Rogue blogging is not for the faint of heart, because the subject matter covered tends to rub people the wrong way, but challenging social norms has its place and its purposes. So, if you have alternative viewpoints to express, are thick skinned and love swimming upstream, rogue blogging might be your thing.

Blogs Finding Bonuses and Discounts

There are deals, discounts, bonuses and coupons to be had. The problem most people run into is that they don’t know where to find them or how to get their hands on them if they do. Those who know how to navigate the world on bonuses and discounts have a special talent and a set of skills that can be of great value to households, businesses, non-profit organizations and numerous other institutions.

These blogs tend to be driven toward where to find the best deals on various items. Bloggers of this type can have a broad or general perspective or specialize in a certain area. This type of blog differs some from the frugal living or saving money type of blog, which we discussed earlier, by focusing more on the consumer side of saving money rather than on managing expenses. However, if you are considering two blogs, or want to link to a friend or associate who has a frugal living blog, this extremely complimentary to that type.

Consumer Guide and Product Review Blogs

Also related to getting the best deals on products are consumer guides and product review blogs. The purpose of this type of blog is to provide you audience with sound advice when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

This type of blog tends to focus on the features and benefits of various products and comparing which products actually provide those features and benefits at the best possible price. Essentially, these bloggers select a specific product category, discuss how it is best used and what benefits might be gained from it, build up the value of various features, and then compare various models and how each measures up in overall value. These blogs can be niche specific or broader in nature. If you like gadgets and have a heart for helping people get their hands on the very best ones at the best price, this could be the blog type for you.

popular blog types


Venturing off into the blogosphere to share your knowledge and understanding of various specific or general topics is a noble undertaking. Your commitment to increasing your knowledge and passing that knowledge along to others through a blog can be very rewarding in a wide variety of ways. We hope that our guide of the most popular blog types has helped you zero in on the type of blog that best fits you. If it has, then hesitate no longer, get started writing your blog today.

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