Skin Rejuvenation Machine suppliers

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product description:
shock wave equipment is specially developed for skeletal muscle pain and difficult musculoskeletal diseases. It is the mainstream pneumatic ballistic shock wave on the market. The system delivers good therapeutic effects on multiple musculoskeletal pains and a wide range of human muscle tissue pain by delivering energy in the form of divergent shock waves to human tissue.
The shock wave equipment utilizes unique treatment modes and therapeutic probes to improve dysfunction in areas affected by pain points, decompose accumulated metabolites, stimulate muscles in affected areas, and block centripetal pain conduction for therapeutic purposes.
1. The treatment process is simple, non-invasive treatment, and less damage to the patient.
2. The analgesic effect is more obvious than other joint pain physiotherapy equipment, and the effect is better.
3. It is ergonomically high and easy to operate.
4. It has a multi-functional treatment head and has a good therapeutic effect on different parts of the patient.
5.The design is very beautiful and convenient, and it conforms to the modern design.
Treatment range:
1.It can be treated osteoarthritis
2.It can be treated talus osteochondral injury
3.It can be treated tenosynovitis
4.It can be treated shoulder sac bursitis
5.It can be treated anterior bursitis
6.It can be treated phlegm
7.It can be treated femoral greater trochanter bursitis
8.It can be treated play hips and tendons
Operation screen:
Accessories picture:
Payment、shipping and delivery:
Payment:bank transfer、T/T
Delivery: around 7-9 working days

Q:What’s your after-sale service?
A:We supply one year after-sales service and always provide after-sales support
Q:How do I operate the shock wave equipment ?
A:All of our machine is very easy operate,we will supply the operation manual of the equipment,you can according the operation manual to operate.If you need more help, we also can using video call to communicate.
Skin Rejuvenation Machine suppliers

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