Other Lipa Na M-PESA Services You Didn’t Know About.

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Other Lipa Na M-PESA Services You Didn’t Know About.
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Other Lipa Na M-PESA Services

Lipa Kodi

The current active housing agencies are below.

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  • SEB Estates Ltd- paybill number 937100.
  • Pause Shelter Ltd via NIC-paybill number 488515.
  • Lavender Properties Ltd-paybill number 929850.

How Lipa Kodi works

  • All the housing agencies/landlord/real estate businesses will display or share their respective PayBill number(s) from Safaricom-M-PESA PayBill service.
  • They will have individual names for their housing unit and each unit will have a unique code that will be used as an account number by the tenants when sending money via the MPESA PayBill service.
  • At the agreed rent payment date(s); the tenant will follow the steps below to pay for their rent.

Steps to follow on M-PESA PayBill service

  • Select ‘Pay Bill’ from your M-PESA menu (customer should ensure they have the correct amount required to cover the payment amount and to send the payment)
  • Enter the  ‘Business Number’ –  ( the tenant’s  respective housing agent/landlord will  provide this paybill number.)
  • Enter the ‘Account Number’ (This is the housing unit’s unique account number on the Lipa Kodi service and the respective housing agent will share this with their tenants.)
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay.
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN.
  • Confirm that all the details are correct and press OK
  • The customer will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA immediately.
  • The Housing Agent/landlord will have access to M-PESA system to track transactions on their PayBill service and reconcile records for their administrative purposes.
  • The Housing Agent/Landlord will notify the customer on the receipt of the payment.

For assistance on applying for the service, advise the customers to send an email to [email protected] OR send an SMS message with the wordKODI to 21366 for free.

Lipa Karo

This is an M-PESA PayBill service designed for school fees collection. It facilitates the ease of paying school fees, making it secure and prompt.

Upon signing up, a school is issued with an M-PESA Business Number.

We also have School fees accounts that are operated by Kenya Commercial Bank and PesaPal. Kenya Commercial Bank offers the service to a number of schools who Bank with them.

PesaPal is a provider of schools management information systems. PesaPal for schools is built on a simple Web-based interface that enables any school to receive and track payments for special activities such as school trips, activity fees, fund raisers etc.

What are the Business Numbers for PesaPal and KCB?

KCB: 522123
Pesa Pal: 220123

Steps to follow while making fees payments

Payment via KCB Lipa Karo service

  • To make payment via KCB Lipa Karo service, your school needs to be registered with KCB
  • On the mobile phone, go to the M-PESA Menu and select Pay Bill.
  • In the Business Number field enter 522123.
  • In the account number, enter your school code as provided by KCB, then a K followed by student admission number without leaving a space: {School code}{K}{Student admin no.}, e.g., 123KTK123
  • Please note: School code is for identifying the school and students will be advised by KCB or the school.
  • Enter required amount and input M-PESA PIN.
  • Confirm the transaction
  • You will receive a confirmation message from M-PESA and another confirmation from KCB once money is credited to the school’s account.

Payment via school based Lipa Karo service

  • Each school running its own M-PESA Pay Bill account will advise the parents.
  • The school’s Pay Bill Number
  • How to identify the students they are paying fees for, e.g., using student registration numbers.
  • On the mobile phone, go to the M-PESA menu and select Pay Bill.
  • In the Business Number field enter school’s Pay Bill Number. NOTE: The school you intend to pay to must be registered to this service.
  • For Account Number, enter student’s identification as advised by the school.
  • Enter required amount and input M-PESA PIN.
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from M-PESA that payment has been made to the school’s Pay Bill account.

Payment via PesaPal Lipa Karo service

  • PesaPal for Schools is an easy to use service developed to enable schools to request and manage school fees payments from parents.
  • With PesaPal for Schools, a school enrols parents and students once and then the school can post payment requests to the parents automatically.
  • For each payment, PesaPal for Schools sends out a notification via SMS or email to parents and also automates repetitive tasks such as “account overdue” reminders freeing administrative staff to work on other tasks.
Payment Steps:

i. Parents without Internet (SMS Invoices)

ii. Parents with Internet Email Invoice: Works for parents with access to the Internet

Parent receives an email invoice.

Parent logs into PesaPal and clicks on Pay.

Parent selects M-PESA and pays

You will get two SMS notifications:
  • M-PESA will send the standard Pay Bill confirmation SMS immediately after carrying out the transaction. This notification will confirm that funds have been transferred to the bank or to the school’s M-PESA account.
  • For KCB Lipa Karo, the bank will then send an SMS to the customer, notifying them that funds have been applied to the school’s bank account.

For schools with PesaPal school management software, parents can view their payments online free of charge at www.pesapal.com

The number of schools on board?

You need to contact your school to find out whether they have been registered for the service directly or by either of the participating banks. If the school is participating, ensure you make note of the code used to identify the school and student.

How to get the right code to identify my school and student:

For KCB Lipa Karo, you need to get in touch with your school or the nearest KCB branch.

For schools managing their own Pay Bill accounts, you need to get in touch with the accounts or administrative office to confirm what your school Business Number is and how the student is identified.

For PesaPal Lipa karo you need to get in touch with PesaPal or your school.

Alternatively dial *234# and follow instructions to get your Business Number. Enter school name as the key word.

Need assistance? Call:

  • M-PESA Customer Service on 234 from your Safaricom line.
  • KCB Contact Centre on (020) 3287000 / 0711087000
  • PesaPal Customer Service on 0706191729 / 020 212 4722

Contact your school

To sign up for a Pay Bill account for your school contact email: [email protected]

Costs of the transaction:

BUSINESS BOUQUETTARIFFTransaction BandsBusiness Bouquet TariffTotal
MinMaxCustomer PaysBusiness Pays

Get answers for Lipa Karo and everything Safaricom.

Changa na M-PESA

Changa na M-PESA is a service that allows subscribers to lease a Pay Bill number for a specific period of time for specific purposes.

Whether you need to raise money for medical reasons, education, weddings, funerals, charity and so on, this service will come in handy in helping you consolidate your funds and give well-wishers an easy time.

You can rent a Pay Bill number for any duration between 1 – 6 months. The number will be available for use within 48 hours upon application. It works like a normal Pay Bill account except that the service is short-term. Leasing a Changa na M-PESA Pay Bill account will not incur you any charges and there will be no complications for the users as the steps used are the same as for the normal Pay Bill account.

Apart from being a secure avenue for holding cash, Changa na M-PESA Pay Bill account has other great advantages for you. It represents one point of funds collection ensuring accountability since cash is withdrawn to a bank and a statement of funds is availed for audit. It also gives you the ability to collect and hold large sums of cash-upto Kshs. 100 million-whereas the normal customer number holds Kshs. 100,000.

Make an application today by sending an email to [email protected] with the request or have a hard copy application delivered to our offices.

Changa Na M-PESA Account Requirements

Changa Na M-PESA Application Form

Government Services

Say goodbye to long queues while trying to access government services. With the eCitizen portal you can now have access to various government departments for quick and easy services. What’s even better, the payment mode has now been made easier and more convenient as all payments on the portal are made via M-PESA PayBill through business number 206206. This ensures your transactions are safe and easy giving you more time to build the nation.

Plus you no longer have to guess on the transaction charges. Just dial *234*2*5# to find out.

Some of the services available on the portal include:


  • Provisional DL
  • Test Booking
  • Interim DL
  • Duplicate DL
  • Renewal of DL
  • Driving Class


  • Land Rents
  • Land search


  • Passport/Visa/Travel permits
  • Registration of birth
  • Death Certificate

AG’S Office

  • Business
  • Business Name Registration

Lipa Na M-PESA Fuel Loyalty

Pay the safe and convenient way every time you fuel.

Lipa Na M-PESA to get 1 minute worth of talk time for every purchase of Kshs.500 worth of fuel. The talk time will loaded directly into your mobile number within 24 hours.

Lipa Na M-PESA Fuel Activation Terms and ConditionsWas this information helpful?YesNoSHARE PAGE 


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