Jobs at Branch Mobile Loan App Company and Reasons to work for them

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Jobs at Branch Mobile Loan App Company and Reasons to work for them
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Below are QUOTED REASONS To Work for this Amazing Company
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Big challenges require big minds
We’re interested in the rising stars with a worldly perspective, a deep interest in financial technology, and an appetite for growth.

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Why Branch Loan Jobs?

The future
looks bright
We’ve built a profitable business model, secured multiple rounds of funding, and already disbursed millions of loans. Now it’s time to scale exponentially.

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Passion is
We’re not just building a new gadget or solving for far-out futures – we’re designing financial services that impact real people, communities and economies.

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Your work
Our teams are lean and agile which means every person not only contributes but can leave a lasting mark on the product, the business, and the lives of our global customers.

The work we do at Branch isn’t superficial or easily tackled – it’s a real utility for people and with that comes tough challenges. That’s why we need the best minds on the forefront of our mission.

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More than
a paycheck
While we believe interesting work is the best reward, we also like to incentivize our employees with unlimited time off, discretionary travel to global offices, equity, and more.

Branch Loan Employees

Get out of
your bubble
We don’t solve problems for people, we solve problems with people. As part of Branch, you’ll get to work in exciting places and meet people from all over the globe. And yes, you’ll want to have a passport handy.

At Branch, we are
Passionate about our customers
We empower and support our customers to help chase their dreams.
Fearless in the face of barriers
We question the status quo and are committed to being problem-solvers.
Driven by data
We seek to understand, remain open, and make decisions using data.

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