33 Vehicle Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start TODAY

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33 Vehicle Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start TODAY
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33 Vehicle Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start TODAY

 31 Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start in 2022
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33 Vehicle Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start TODAY. The Automobile industry in India is on the upswing due to the surge of economy and technology. They have opened the gates for many startups and businesses ideas to flourish. Car care businesses will continue to grow at a faster rate than the overall economy. Forward-looking indicators suggest there is plenty of opportunity for additional growth in the future.

The society of Indian automobile manufacturers is the crown jewel of the transportation industry, jobs created and business opportunities they provide are innumerable. The reason is the increasing population of vehicles. Another reason is the increasing number of average miles driven by an individual vehicle owner. The automotive industry is Pandora’s box for many innovative and creative entrepreneurs. So we are here with some awesome automobile and car-related business ideas for you.

1. Open an Auto Interior Shop

An automobile is meant to provide a comfortable, plush, and personal experience that can be personalized to the extent one wishes it to be done. It’s true that the exteriors of an automobile need to be considered for others, but then you must consider the interiors of your vehicle for yourself if not for anyone else.

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Automobile accessories shops are known to delight vehicle owners and are becoming really popular these days. An auto interior shop can thus be a great choice if you are looking for an automobile-related business.

2. Lubrication Oil Retail Shop

Fuel oils are certainly a necessity when it comes to an automobile but we often forget about lubrication oil, which is also as important as the former, if not more. Lubrication oil plays a major part in helping a vehicle to function to its fullest potential. However, oil shops selling lubrication oil are not found everywhere, except in petrol pumps, which makes it more demanding than ever. 33 Vehicle Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start TODAY

3. Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Car Business Idea
Automobile Business Idea – EV Charging Station

E-vehicles or electric vehicles (EV) are speedily in prominence. Furthermore, the manufacturing of electric vehicles is also getting all the support of the world to bid adieu to the cursing carbon footprints and usher in a sustainable future for us. Electric vehicles would definitely reduce the overall cost and the total amount of pollution emitted, but they also demand proper charging stations to thrive. Creating or spending on electric vehicle charging stations can, therefore, be an innovative and foolproof idea for anyone looking to build an automobile-related business. Get a detailed guide on How to Start EV Charging Stations Business in India.

4. Automobile Franchises

The automobile industry is booming at an alarming rate and automobile franchises are becoming more and more popular each day with the increasing number of automobiles on the road. Therefore, if you are looking out to start with a car business idea, then beginning with an automobile franchise is a safe and lucrative option. These are the Best Automobile Franchise businesses to start in 2021.

5. Car Wash Business

Running a mobile car wash business is a smart way to make a lot of money without taking much risk of capital investment. The business also eliminates the requirement for a retail business location. Know more about How to Open a Car Wash Business.

6. Trucking Business

Automobile Business - Trucking Business
Automobile Business – Trucking Business

The automobile business plan includes transporting goods from the place of manufacture to the consuming state. They transport raw materials, machines, processed food, etc. This can be highly rewarding for the automobile industry in India.

7. Packers and Movers

Life is ever-changing where we don’t know this moment where we would end up in the next one. However, with promising packers and movers services, we can always ensure the security of our belongings. The need for trustworthy packers and movers would never end and therefore, packers and movers services always remain as one of the most valuable vehicle business ideas of the lot that ensure positive returns.

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8. Automobile Spraying & Branding Workshop

Automobiles are not regarded as useful travel companions but are also synonymous with class and status, and above all, should always be maintained well in order to get the service you need. Besides, everyone wants to make their cars look dapper and unique on the road, and it is for this reason that most of them opt for automobile spraying services, which makes their vehicle stand apart from the general fleet. Furthermore, spraying automobiles with the colors of your brand can also lead to effective branding. Therefore, if you are interested in automobiles and looking forward to generating lucrative business ideas in the automobile industry, then setting up a spraying and branding workshop may well be an option for you! 33 Vehicle Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start TODAY

33 Vehicle Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start TODAY

9. Sale of Motor Vehicle Insurance

When there are vehicles, there must be effective ways to protect the owners from thefts, accidents, or damages inflicted on them. Besides, automobiles are quite expensive to not have dedicated insurance policies for them. Insurance policies not only benefit the owners but also those who sell them, so much so that people can hope for creating a fortune out of the sale of motor vehicle insurance. Look at the best Insurance Franchises businesses in India.

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10. Auto Locksmith Business

Automobiles are secured by insurance services and their locks. Can you imagine a car without locks? Truly a nightmare, isn’t it?

Along with the launch of high-end, expensive vehicles, their security is also becoming a growing concern each day. We cannot really say when the locks of our car break down all of a sudden. However, with experienced and reliable locksmiths we can rest assured. Auto locksmith service is necessary for all who possess automobiles and the demand of which is not to be any lesser in the near future, making auto locksmith business a rare but lucrative choice of business. 33 Vehicle Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start TODAY

11. Vehicle Licensing Brokerage Service

Vehicle licensing is essential regardless of where you stay and the kind of vehicle you possess. Besides, it is very lucrative too. Do you know a whole industry of people who work in the licensing sector of vehicles?

Yes, you can also consider vehicle licensing and brokerage services while jotting down the business ideas in the automobile industry, provided that the rising demands it is witnessing lately.

12. Tire Store Retail Business

Tire store business opportunity demands full control of inventory and some adequate knowledge about different types of tire that comes with a different unique number. One can start this business in a metropolitan city or in a small town.

13. Food Truck

Car-related business idea
Food Truck – Automobile Business Idea

The automobile business plan involving food is a new age concept in India, the food business is always a profitable one. These food trucks attract a wide range of consumers especially those located near beaches.

14. Battery Reconditioning Business

The battery reconditioning business is providing the service of restoring energy-less batteries to their full original capacity. It can be done by adding some chemicals and using some simple methods. As the vehicle population is growing and consumers are becoming more cost-conscious, the potential of increasing this business is obvious.

15. Rental and Ride-Sharing Cars

The automobile business plan of rental and ride-sharing cars, bike rental startup, saw the highest growth. The classic example of the same is uber and ola. The idea of rental cars and ride-sharing is the next big platform for the automotive industry in India.

16. Automobile Magazine

Automobile magazine is one of the most profitable automobile business ideas. There is very good demand in the market. By focusing on a niche audience an individual can start this business with proper editorial and marketing infrastructure.

17. Vehicle Review Blogging

Vehicle review blogging is a home-based low-cost business idea that anyone can start. By this review blog, you will be helping individuals to make decisions about which car or vehicle will be perfect for them.

18. Mobile Windshield Repairing

Mobile windshield repairing business can be initiated from a home location with low startup capital. With little inventory and low operating overhead costs, any individual can start this business with a proper marketing strategy.

19. Airport Bus Shuttle Service

Shuttle service in airports needs no introduction. Faster mobility with larger vehicles like buses is indispensable to quickly transport a fairly large crowd to their respective flights inside the airports. Therefore, the airport bus shuttle service can also serve as an excellent vehicle business idea in case you are looking forward to one!

20. Auto Accessories Store

Four wheelers are expanding more than ever and with the increasing number of automobiles, the demand for maintaining them is also increasing by leaps and bounds. The auto repairing and accessories stores have multiplied their incomes manifold in the last couple of decades and the demand is here to stay, making it an amazing business plan for those looking to build an automobile-related business. 33 Vehicle Automobile & Car-related Business Ideas to Start TODAY

21. Aviation Fuel Supply

We love to travel. Whether it is traveling within our country or flying abroad, airplanes cut short our journey and make it as comfortable as we want it to be at cost-effective rates. This expansion of the aviation industry has also raised the demands of the fuel supply in general. Therefore, if you are thinking about vehicle business ideas, you might well include aviation fuel supply services in your plan!

22. Exporting Automobile Parts

The automobile business plan leads to the way to exporting their parts. Many foreign manufacturers are relying on India for spare parts due to various factors that make their products much more efficient. Major global luxury brands make source their spare parts from India.

23. Auto-Body Store

The auto-body store business is providing services of auto-body repairing and new bodybuilding as well as selling spare parts and accessories related to the vehicle body. As the numbers of the vehicle are growing, the business opportunity of auto-body store is also increasing globally.

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24. Tow Trucking Service

Tow Truck service business is providing services to help the damaged or abandoned vehicle owners wheel their car to the service station or to the desired parking destination. An individual having demographic ideas and knowledge about the towing arrangement for the breakdown vehicle can initiate this business with substantial capital investment.

Tow Trucking Business Example

25. Automobile Repair Service

Among the automobile business ideas, this business idea is perineal and thriving. It is a quintessential model of business in this industry that can be highly rewarding. It goes without saying that automobiles require regular service and due to constant usage they need to be repaired.

26. Driving School

Establishing a driving school can be a self-rewarding and profit-making venture. An individual having a flair idea about marketing can initiate driving school business with moderate capital investment.

27. Restoration Business

The revival of vintage cars has been a luxury for many due to the scarcity of restoration professionals. After the internet boom in India, the restoration of automobiles has picked up some pace, along with other automobile business ideas. As the economy changed its course so has the taste of the people of India which leads to “customization” according to their personal needs. Also, the metro cities are hosting many festivals showcasing vintage cars. The once old cars of no use are now restored to pristine condition. The restoration of automobiles can be highly profitable based on the automotive industry in India on the quality of work.

28. Courier Service

Do you know that the oldest courier service in India is the Indian Postal Service? The courier service company was established in the country on April 15, 1774. An industry that has a rich history of around 224 years, has only bettered and grown far and wide across the country. Furthermore, it has been and is continuing to be a huge opportunity for any startup company to be established in this sector with vehicles holding a central place in these services. Therefore, it is surely one of the most lucrative vehicle business ideas to invest time in! Click here to know the Top Courier and Delivery Franchise Business in India.

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29. Dump Truck/Waste Disposal Service

Fresh delivery and disposal services go hand in hand. Effective disposal service is the need of the hour and this need is pushing the industry to invite promising newcomers with decent ROI. Waste management has become a necessity. If you are wondering about innovative and promising automobile business ideas, then dump trucks or waste disposal services may well be your option, given the rise it has witnessed in the past years.

30. Limo Service

The automobile industry has grown with time packing inconvenience, comfortability, cost-effectiveness, and luxury at the same time. Along with affordable cars that cater to the needs of the general public, four-wheelers have not disappointed the upper-class or the rich people of the society with the help of the premium vehicles that the industry boasts of. Limo service is one of the high-end services modeled on the automobile industry and can serve as a towering idea when it comes to automobile-related businesses.

31. Mobile Mechanic Service

Automobiles perform well only when they are maintained well. Automobile repair or maintenance is, therefore, a key to any well-functioning automobile. Mechanic services for automobiles have earlier been stationary. With the emergence of mobile mechanic services, it is simply a revolution that the industry is now witnessing. This is also bringing in a host of fresh employment opportunities and along with it driving this present generation of entrepreneurs.


We hope the above list of Automobile business ideas will help you to make an informed decision. We will definitely update this list of Automobile and Car-related business ideas as we get more industry information. So stay tuned!


What are the top automobile companies in India?

Some of the top automobile business companies in India are:

  • Tata Motors Ltd
  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd
  • Mahindra Group
  • Hero MotoCorp Ltd
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd
  • Ashok Leyland Ltd
  • TVS Motor Company Ltd
  • Force Motors Ltd

Which car business is most profitable?

Some of the most profitable car business ideas are:

  • Auto Interior Shop
  • Lubrication Oil Retail Shop
  • Car Wash Business
  • Vehicle Licensing Brokerage Service
  • Rental and Ride-Sharing Cars
  • Car Accessories Store
  • Automobile Repair Service
  • Driving School

What are some of the common automotive industry jobs?

The automotive industry is expanding with numerous job offerings that a lot of people opt for. Some of the most common automotive industry jobs today are associated with:

  • Car rental services
  • Vehicle inspection services
  • Automobile designing
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Automobile selling
  • Automobile repairing
  • Fleet operating

How is the vehicle industry growing?

The vehicle industry is growing today at a pace that was never seen before. The global sales of automobiles are reported to be around 70 million units in 2021.

Is starting a tow truck business a good idea?

Starting a tow truck business might sound to be a good idea but it is important to learn that a tow truck business can prove to be a big time and money investment for some people. Therefore, it is essential to plan a long term conversion through the same.

What are some lucrative automotive franchise in India?

If you are wondering about some of the most profitable automotive franchise in India:

  • EV Techo Electra Motors
  • Mahindra First Choice
  • Feynlab
  • AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care
  • EV Motors India
  • Wheeler Cleaner

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