Between Mercedes and Prado Which one is better? Read Comments Below

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This question is quite impossible to answer given your premises. You would have to specify “better”, but even before that: which Mercedes?

Is the better car for you the cheaper one? The most reliable, the one with the best quality, best serviceability, or are you looking for a representative vehicle for your social status? Which country do you live in? And so forth…

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Let us choose a vehicle to compare with first: the Prado is part of the Land Cruise family from Toyota, except for North America where it resembles a Lexus luxury vehicle.

So the Prado compares maybe best to the Mercedes M-class while the normal Land Cruiser might compete more with the Mercedes G-class.

In both cases, Toyota is likely to be cheaper then Mercedes. Now, if you look for something fancy and shiny for the city, Mercedes is probably the way to go. If you really have off-road and heavy duty use, Toyota is with high probability you go-to car. It is useless to start comparing the literally hundreds of variants, design options etc.

Let me put it like this: look in any country with more problems then money. Thailand, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico…you name it. You will see a lot of Toyotas. Mercedes? Hardly ever. If you ask the people buying cars (like private Taxis etc.), they will most likely say:

I would love a Mercedes, but

it is way to expensive
it is not really suited for the road we have here and will wear out fast (brakes, suspension etc.)
they service is poor
spare parts are really expensive and take forever to get
While for Toyota:

not cheap but good value for money
a little boring on the inside with he design and all, but with all the functions you need
extremely reliable, even it serviced poorly
spare parts are available in any rotten shop somewhere in the jungle and reasonably priced
very fitting for the local roads in terms of brakes, suspension etc.
I was working for a couple of years in Sao Paulo for a big chemical company. The company big shots all had personal drivers and German cars like Mercedes S-class or VW Touareg with added armor to protect the cars against small arms fire etc.
They all broke down frequently, mostly because they weren’t made for the roads, but to be fair also due to the additional weight of the armor. You couldn’t make a run for with these cars since at every speed bump they would just scratch the ground and get stuck. Spare parts took up to 4 months to deliver from Germany. You know who they called then? A local private taxi company. He and his drivers all were certified in evasive maneuvers and defensive driving and had armored cars, too. All Toyota Corolla. Not even an off-road vehicle but perfectly suitable for the means necessary.

In the end, I can just say: depends on what you want or need the car for. Personally: always Toyota.

Let’s use logic:

If your going off-road or towing at all,
Want to to keep the car more than 3 years without being smashed on depreciation,
Don’t want stupid maintenance costs,
Don’t want to be baffled by a myriad of crazy options and colours, and
just need a car to work.
Then the Prado is the way to go.

It’s based on a commercial vehicle and is built for heavy duty, with luxury added to meet with market expectations.

Now, let’s use emotion:

If you want a vehicle that sets trends in design,
Uses cutting edge technology integrated seamlessly of a superior quality,
Makes a statement about who you are by allowing countless combinations of options or colours, and
Makes you want to drive it.
Then the Mercedes GL or possibly even GLC series is for you.

Its based upon a luxury vehicle passenger car platform which has been modified to suit…

…And it’s a much nicer place to be.

Nowadays though I’m a logical person, so I’d take the Prado

Have fun deciding. If in doubt, use your head and not your heart when buying what is essentially a depreciating asset.

Yang Guoqiang
Driving 30 years in India, Europe, USA, Singapore, Malaysia
9w ago
The wife’s Prada is a glorified shopping trolley, albeit with 8 seats and 4WD

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