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Kanze Dena is probably one of the most celebrated news anchors in the country. She was first introduced to the industry through the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) before joining Citizen TV later on. She hosted Citizen Nipashe alongside her friend and now former colleague; Lulu Hassan, and the dynamic duo managed to make the news segment one of the biggest attractions on TV. Besides that, we all know how much she loves her son. Let’s just say that this much we know about her life story. But when it comes to her husband or lack of, we rarely get to hear about the tell tales. This part of her life is something that she has managed to keep so private for the longest time- perhaps for personal reasons. But not for long!
Kanze Dena husband
Kanze Dena was just another high school student waiting to join college and living with a relative in the city when she met her first boyfriend. The soft-spoken TV personality was then working at her grandfather’s restaurant in the Nairobi. Kanze Dena boyfriend remains a mystery to this day as the veteran news anchor rarely talks about the man. Not to mention, there isn’t much to speak of considering he left her after she became pregnant.

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At the moment, Kanze Dena claims to have been struggling with self-esteem issues. The problem started back in her teenage years when her body began developing changes that came later for most of her peers. As such, most of the boys used to make fun of her, and her bowlegged situation only made things worse.

Kanze was wondering why a man suddenly showed interest in being with her but later found out that he was only after sex. She could not speak of the pregnancy at home and decided to convince her mother and grandmother to allow her to stay in a hostel after enrolling to college.

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A few months later, she gave birth to a baby girl named Natasha but lost her three months after she was delivered. By then, her mother had already allowed her to go back to school to finish her studies while she nurses her daughter’s baby. Kanze Dena would then contemplated suicide three times, but thankfully no attempt was successful.

Is Kanze Dena married?
Many Kenyans might ask this question considering the former television anchor once posted a picture on her social media page with a man and her son. Any man would make it a regular post, but Kanze Dena introduced the man as her co-parent. Many Kenyans believed that this was Kanze Dena’s man and even poked fun at her in the comment section of the post. However, Kanze maintained that the two are just co-parents taking everything a day at a time.

Sometime in April, Kanze Dena posted a picture on her Instagram account. The photo shows Kanze Dena, her alleged husband, and their 11-year-old son. In the caption, Kanze Dena says the man is her co-parent when it comes to raising their son.

The caption read,

‘Good morning from mama amani.. Amani and my co-parent… .. Kibaridi jamani kitaniua mwanangwa wa jane Mebunda.. Interview manenoz for the ‘adolescent ‘ as he calls himself. Just wanna say Co-parenting works …unaweka Mungu Kwanzaa… Mtoto Mbele na tofauti zenu Kando. Ila najua Kwa wengine najua napigia mbuzi guitar!! Haidhuru langu nishasema… Happy Saturday… #hamnamakeup #roadtrips #backleftmanenoz.’
The post elicited mixed emotions from Kenyans with some thinking Kanze Dena was hinting at a possible union in the future.

Kanze Dena’s man
The man in the picture is Albert Nyakundi Amenya, popularly known as the banana peddler. Kanze Dena new husband is a man who loves his rural area and has recently captured the attention of many Kenyans with his letters to Kanze Dena. In the letters, Albert openly tells of his love for Kanze Dena while giving her pieces of advice regarding life. He seems to be a writer considering he has penned some interesting stories in the past and continues to do the same.

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