Why Gideon, Ruto reconciliation talks collapsed

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Why Gideon, Ruto reconciliation talks collapsed
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Why Gideon, Ruto reconciliation talks collapsed
Powerful Kalenjin Council of Elders threw in the towel on Tuesday and concluded that it’s impossible to reconcile its two sons
In Summary
•Elders say they have made several attempts but egos and hardlines have frustrated their efforts.

•Ruto wants Gideon to back him, the younger Moi says he will only take efforts that will benefit all Kenyans.

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and Deputy President William Ruto during Jonathan Moi’s funeral on Saturday, April 27, 2019
Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and Deputy President William Ruto during Jonathan Moi’s funeral on Saturday, April 27, 2019
Efforts by influential Kalenjin elders and leaders to reconcile Deputy President William Ruto and his rival Gideon Moi have collapsed.

Ruto’s side has insisted that Gideon, the Baringo senator, should suspend his own presidential ambitions in favour of their man.

But the son of retired President Daniel Moi has stood his ground and insisted he will only back down if he sees a clear benefit to the Kalenjin community and to Kenyans.

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The rivalry could split the Kalenjin vote in the Rift Valley.

“For Ruto it’s either his way or the highway. For Gideon, there is nothing personal but he has insisted that all actions and decisions must benefit of all Kenyans, not an individual,” said one of the emissaries involved in the talks.

For the last one year, select members of the Kalenjin Council of Elders have quietly but consistently tried without success to narrow the differences between the two rival politicians.

Apart from elders, other peacemakers included retired politicians led by former Cabinet Minister Franklin Bett and prominent businessmen known to both Ruto and Gideon.

Mistrust between the two sides has played a big role in the collapse of the talks, with each side accusing each other of harbouring ulterior motives.

“The Moi side believes that Ruto has become unsalable because of corruption allegations. Ruto’s side believes Gideon is only hell-bent on derailing their man’s State House bid,” a businessman said.

” For Ruto it’s either his way or the highway. For Gideon, there is nothing personal but he has insisted that all actions and decisions must benefit of all Kenyans, not an individual ”
– Emissary

Yesterday the powerful Kalenjin Council of Elders threw in the towel and concluded that it’s impossible to reconcile its two sons.

The elders known as Myoot Kalenjin Council told the Star they have been unable to broker a deal and blamed what they termed ‘the battle of egos between Ruto and Gideon’.

The elders led by chairman Paul Leleito have been trying to unite the two leaders in a bid to rally the community’s vote in 2022. Splitting the Rift Valley vote could spell defeat at the polls.

But an ugly supremacy battle played out between the two politicians following the death of Jonathan Moi, Gideon’s elder brother, a fortnight ago.

This left mediators pondering what to do.

Leleito now warns that Ruto and Gideon’s presidential bids in 2022 are in jeopardy if the community remains divided.

“We had good intentions of having our leaders and people united… We only wanted them [Ruto and Gideon] to listen to our calls and advice. They refused,” Leleito said.

He expressed regret that the two have largely snubbed their summons.

Bett said he also had given up on convincing the two to work together.

Bett, who served as State House Comptroller during the Moi administration, said he has personally tried numerous times to unite the two, or at least have them call a truce.

“Both are full of ego,” Bett told the Star. “I have been on that journey, I started in 2014 trying to talk to them but I could not make any breakthrough. Self-centredness, ego and hardlines took centre stage and that is why you see this bad blood between the two.”

Former Myoot Council chairman Major (Rtd) John Seii said previous reconciliation efforts failed “because none of them was willing to listen to the elders”.

He said what played out at Kabarak was “so shameful”.

“We tried our best so that we can bring them to one table to talk and end their differences but kila mtu ako na kiburi mingi (Everyone has his pride). We will push them to come together for the sake of the community. They should listen to elders, not their young advisers who have selfish interests,” he told the Star on the phone.

Seii is on the 14-member Building Bridges Initiative Task Force.

Ruto is a political ‘son’ of President Moi, having cut his teeth through YK92, Youth for Kanu ’92 that was championing the President’s reelection.

“I have come here as a son of President Moi to bury my brother Jonathan as I started my political career at Kanu YK 92 and I learnt a lot from Mzee Moi,” Ruto said during Jonathan’s burial.

Moi appointed Ruto Minister for Home Affairs before he retired in 2002

Ruto then elbowed the Moi family aside in the political hierarchy to become Deputy President, triggering a fierce political contest with Moiroyalty.

The DP was the only senior politician who skipped condoling with President Moi at Kabarak and instead visited Jonathan’s family at Kabimoi.

Senior political leaders including President Uhuru Kenyatta, Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth condoled with Moi at Kabarak.

Last year, Ruto flew to Kabarak to see the ailing Moi but was snubbed in an embarrassing turn of events that turned into warfare between him and Gideon. He blamed Gideon from keeping him away.

On Saturday during Jonathan’s burial service Kabarak University grounds, the Gideon-Ruto supremacy battle played out in public.

Gideon stood up to shake hands with other political leaders such as Kalonzo, ANC Boss Musalia Mudavadi and Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka.

But he did not rise for the DP, a clear indication warfare between the two.

According to Bett, both Gideon and Ruto believe they are closest to the throne.

“That is the danger. They should be championing the unity of the community but they are not. We made our attempts to bring them together but we were told, “Hawa wazee wanataka nini, walimaliza muda wao?”[What are these old men looking for? They had already served their term]. So we gave up,” Bett said.

Allies of both two leaders yesterday tore into each other and veteran politician and former Kanu nominated Senator Zipporah Kittony said it’s too late for reconciliation.

Kittony said Ruto should seek forgiveness from both Gideon and his father for what she said were relentless insults on the family.

“It is too late to bring the two together. If anyone was interested in the unity of the community, they would not be insulting the Baringo Senator [Gideon] and his family. But see, when they are in Baringo, they are ridiculing Gideon and calling him names. The senator is equally a leader and he should be respected,” she told the Star. 19 Students KILL THEMSELVES After Exam Results. Read more

“They should now pursue forgiveness first, which is very key going forward,” Kittony added.

Since the exit of President Moi from power in 2002, the vote-rich Kalenjin nation has not had a serious presidential contender.

However, Ruto and Gideon have both expressed interest in running for President in 2022.

This unyielding rivalry is a unique situation that could spell doom for the unity of the community that has voted as a bloc in all elections. Kisii MCA charged with defiling 16-year-old girl

Belgut MP Nelson Koech said that while it is a noble idea to have a united community, it was also paramount for Gideon to accord Ruto full respect and recognise that he is the Deputy President.

He said the community supported and respected retired President Moi since he became President.

“For 24 years Moi was in power, the entire Kalenjin community supported him and we stood with him in every election. It is now the turn of Ruto, the highest high ranking leader in Kalenjin land, to be accorded the same respect and support,” he said. What!! Woman’s Uterus Falls Off During Dance Session In China

Koech, a close ally of the DP, said despite the political differences between Ruto and Gideon, the community was united and “firmly behind Ruto”.

“Just take a look at the previous election where some leaders in the community have gone against the wishes of the community. They have ended up being political rejects. Kalenjin more than any other community has remained intact,” he said.

He added, “As of now, the Kalenjin community has endorsed Ruto has the only recognised leader and spokesman of the community. The rest including Gideon should respect that and wait for their turn.”

Former Bomet mayor Kipkemoi Barsumei opposed any plans to bring the two together saying, “bringing DP Ruto and Moi together is like bringing them to the same level, yet we know very well Ruto is far much ahead of Moi.”

He said it was evident that the Deputy President wields massive political clout not only in Kalenjin land but also across the country. Therefore, any move to try and reconcile him with the Baringo senator is inconsequential as it amounts to belittling him. [VIDEO] Fashion Model Collapses & Dies On Runway!!

Barsumei asked, “How can you bring a child together with an adult to unite them? It does not make any sense. We all know who the supremo in the community is.” Telegram news and jobs ??http://t.me/Hot18PlusBreakingNews *MPESA LOANS* http://bit.ly/2yXNoSa

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