[VIDEO] UPDATED Quick steps on how to get your Mpesa statement

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Quick steps on how to get your Mpesa statement


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Mpesa Kenya has dominated the mobile money transfer market for eons and only looks to get stronger over time.

Safaricom Mpesa statement helps you monitor your expenditure as well as providing transparency for you to review your transaction details and account for money.

Knowing how to download your Mpesa statement online can save you the daunting task of always keeping receipts from transactions that you may have done through Mpesa.

This article focuses on providing knowledge on the various methods to get an Mpesa statement. Read this article and get informed!

Instead of going through such a tedious process you can easily keep records through accessing your own data via Mpesa statement.

How to get my Mpesa statement

  • Dial *234# and Select ‘My Mpesa Information’ Key in the number 2 and press send.
  • Select ‘Mpesa statement’ Key in the number 1 and press send.
  • Select ‘Full Statement’
  • Key in your ID or passport number.
  • Input your email address.
  • Ensure that your email address is correct.

How to download Mpesa statement online

Access your email account and scroll to the Safaricom email containing your statement.

The email containing the Mpesa statement is password protected.

When prompted for a password all you have to do is key in your identification document registered with your Mpesa line.

That could be either of the following;

  • National ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Diplomatic ID
  • Alien ID

Safaricom Selfcare

It is possible to download your Mpesa statement online through accessing Safaricom Selfcare.

Simply head to ‘https://selfcare.safaricom.co.ke’ and register for Safricom selfcare.

After completing the necessary details you should get a verification sms on your phone.


You can also get your Mpesa statement using the Mledger Mpesa app that scans your existing Mpesa text messages on your phone and afterwards creates a database from them.

The higher the amount of Mpesa information one has on the phone, the more information M-Ledger will have to process.

Download Mledger from your android Appstore to get your Mpesa transaction statements.

Mini statement

You can acquire a mini statement to shorten your results and focus on either a specific month or duration in time.

To obtain your Mpesa mini Statement use the steps below;

  • Dial *234#
  • Go to ‘My Mpesa Information’
  • choose ‘Mpesa statement’
  • Select ‘Mini Statement’
  • If you select ‘Full Statement’ you will be registering for the Mpesa statements on Email

Mpesa online has advanced Kenyans by linking phone numbers to email accounts and allowing the automatic transmission of statement information via a regular delivery period.

We hope this guide has shown you how to get Mpesa statements online in a quick and effective manner.

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