STAY SAFE!! 14 Golden Rules To Help You Stay Away From Wrong Side Of The Law.


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14 Golden Rules To Help You Stay Away From Wrong Side Of The Law.

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1. Never accept unknown person’s request on facebook. You could be engaging a criminal without knowing.

2. Do not foolishly accept to be added in a WhatsApp group you have No idea about. Whether it is for a wedding, funeral or any kind of contribution, if you were added by a friend of your friend’s friend, exit without any apology. You could be contributing for a terrorist group. Stop being too generous.

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3. Whenever you walk to any building, and you are asked by SECURITY personnel to leave your details behind, do so without argument. Observe and note in the visitor’s book time in and time out. Sign in and sign out. Always check if you collected your ID. Never forget your ID or passport behind.

4. If you receive Mpesa money from a person you don’t know, don’t use the money. Report to safaricom and request for reversal instantly. It could be a trap from terrorists to divert investigations to wrong person.

5. Never give anybody your phone to call another person. I repeat NEVER. Even if they are your relatives. Never.

6. Never allow anybody to use your phone to send someone else you don’t know money. Please NEVER.

7. NEVER allow anybody to leave you any kind of luggage to hold for them even if it is for two minutes. Never. However genuine they could sound. Never.

8. Don’t reveal too much details about yourself, posting your photos, on social media. Your details and photos could be used by criminals to commit crime and you will be in for a rude shock.

9. NEVER and I repeat NEVER buy phones from the streets. Only buy your phone from an authorized dealer, obtain a receipt and make sure they indicate on it date of purchase, imei and shop’s details MUST be on the receipt. Keep that receipt safely.

10. If you will ever loose your phone, ID or passport, the first place to go to is the police station. Make sure you report lose of your phone or document. It is very important. If your phone or document will ever be used by criminals and you din’t report, you won’t defend yourself in any way. Ignorance is No defense.

11. If anyone asks you for information and contacts of your friend or relatives and you don’t know the person, don’t be quick in sharing such information. Instead ask for his or her information first, then ask your friend or your relative if they know the person and ask them if you can share their information. Depending on their answer, Then share or don’t.

12. Those in major towns like Nairobi, Mombasa etc. Don’t allow yourself to be stopped by anybody or suspicious looking people pretending to be asking for a given place or route. Instead directs them to police patrolling city streets and leave them immediately. You could be giving terrorists directions. Remember cameras are all over town and police will come for you in case they were terrorists. Cameras will show you talked with them.

13. Anytime you purchase a credit card to top up your credit, immediately you finish topping up, tear the credit card into pieces and dispose it. If terrorists get your used card, they will pick it and travel with it as far as they can. Commit terror and throw your used credit card there to confuse police. Remember, police will collect anything that can lead in investigation.

14. Never ever forward a message from WhatsApp group or facebook without establishing and confirming the truth. You could be aiding terrorists to propagate terrorism. Remember, spreading false alarming information is terrorism in itself. Police will come for you.

Stay safe. Forward this to help your friends and relatives. This could help someone who dint know it.

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