Smart Methods used to steal 50M from KCB BANK Thika

Steve Oke Chapchap Market December 6, 2017 No Comments

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Very bright and it looks like a scene from an action movie.

This how the burglars accessed KCB Thika branch which is just opposite police station and its a well protected bank.

Three months before it was discovered these criminals rented a commercial property few metres from KCB bank which they renovated and indicated a sign that it was a LAND SCAPING COMPANY selling both natural and artificial grass and other plants.

During this period they dug 120 metres beneath blocks of houses until beneath the bank and specifically bank SAFE where all money is stored.

The tunnel was roughly 70cm square and running 4M beneath the surface and was well constructed..

The neighbors say they have been seeing pick ups with loads of soil being removed daily but they thought it was just a normal activity of the business nature.

They broke 1.1 Meters of steel-reinforced concrete to enter bank vault and pap they completed their mission.
These thieves on 19th November 2017 removed 5 containors of 50 real notes with an estimated value of Ksh 50M.

Three have been arrested and court process on going.

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