Seniors Car Insurance Comparison in Australia

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Seniors Car Insurance Comparison

Who says getting older doesn’t have its benefits? If you’re over 50, the time has come to enjoy competitive car insurance rates that reflect your experience on the road and good driving history.

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Here’s how.

Australian Seniors Car Insurance – Aged to Perfection

From your driving history to your age, there are many factors that can affect your car insurance premiums.

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If you’re a senior,pensioneror over the age of 50, you may be able to make your good driving history work to your advantage with lower premiums and discounts.

To make sure you’re getting the discounts you’re entitled to as an older driver, it’s important to review your cover regularly.

In particular, it may be time to update your policy if:

• You’ve recently turned 50 or hit another milestone birthday.
• You’ve been claim-free for over one year but your insurance premiums haven’t changed.
• You’ve recently retired and are no longer driving back and forth to work.
• Your current policy does not offer age-related discounts or other benefits.

Remember, your good driver rating should move with you if you switch policies. You may even be eligible for the maximum discount when taking out a new policy, so it pays to shop around for the rightComprehensive Car Insurance.

Get your hands on big savings

Many car insurance companies offer discounts especially geared for over-50 drivers.

You may qualify for any number of these, so be sure to ask about potential discounts, including:

Seniors discounts.These are discounts that recognise your age and good driving habits.
Low mileage.If you’re driving less, a low mileage or ‘pay-as-you-drive’ policy can help you save on premiums.
No claims discount.If you haven’t made a claim for a while, you may qualify for the maximum discount available.
Policy restrictions.If the kids have grown up and left the nest, save money by restricting under-30 drivers on your policy.
Multi-vehicle.If your household has more than one car, you could save on premiums by bundling multiple cars into the same policy.

Some car insurance companies specialise in policies for seniors and may offer benefits you can’t find anywhere else. As always, the best way to find the right car insurance is to shop around and compare.

Find the right policy – fast

iSelect knows the car insurance industry. We can provide you with a thorough, no-cost comparison to help you find a policy with the features you need, at a price that fits your budget.

Get a quick and easy quote online withiSelect’s car insurance comparison tool, or call iSelect HQ on13 19 20and let one of our consultants help you compare and understand your different options.

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