One 1 ACRE Prime Land For Sale in KAREN For Residential Use Red Soil Near Galleria/Karen Hospital etc

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*ChapChap Market Karen/kitisuru properties for sale and Rent*
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1) KAREN Mlima Rd Hardy 2.5 acres @ 60M pa;

2) KAREN Mlima Rd Hardy 1 acre at 60M;

3) KAREN Ushirika Rd Hardy 2 acres @ can be sub-divided into 0.5 acre or 1 acre @ 60M per acre

4) KAREN Bogani behind JKUAT 1/2 acre @35M;

5)KAREN Bomas Forest Edge 0.6acres @30M in a gated community;

6) KAREN Kerarapon Muteero next to Muhugu park 1 acre @55M;

7) KAREN Pepo Lane off Windy Ridge 1 acre @60M;

8)KAREN Muteero Rise behind Shade Hotel 1 acre @60M;

9) KAREN 1 acre Kikenni Drive Mukoma road @55m;

10) KAREN One acre Kikenni Drive @ 100m with cottages for Airbnb;

11) KAREN 10 acres Hardy Ndovu Lane @55m/acre;

12) KAREN 7.5 acres with a home Muteero next to Raila residence @45m/acre;

13) KAREN One acre Koitobos Rd 60M;

14) KAREN 0.5 acre Mudodo Lane 35M

15) KAREN 0.5 acre Ndorobo Rd 25M

16) KAREN 0.5 acre Forest Edge 27.5M

17) KAREN 0.5 acre Mokoyeti West (3 options) each @ 30M

18)KAREN 1 Acre Mukoma Road Red Soil 48M

19) KAREN 20 Acres Mukoma Road 47M per Acre.

20) 1 acre in Karen, Entrance near the deputy president place
At 55m.

21) 2 acres Marula Karen Lane 65M per acre

22) Half Acre Old Kitisuru 42M per Acre.

23) One acre Masai Lane 55M KAREN

*Houses For Rent, Sale and Land lease Also available* .

Above properties are *Clean with ready tittle Deed And Authority To sell*


Call Steve 0720966840/0724260188


*Karen red soil one acre 50M*
Located just off Ndorobo Rd off Mukoma Rd, it is one of the most sought after addresses within Karen; a rare bargain deal in this prime location where there is seldom any property on sale.

Schadenfreude deal- but for particular circumstances, this prime property would not be on sale; never at this price anyway.

Property is currently all natural bush, never used for any purpose whatsoever.

All red soil with a bit of rock.

Has access via two roads, and buyer has option on which side to locate his entry gate.

Just sub-divided from the original three acre Mother Title, the area has strict zoning control(one housing unit per acre), ensuring property value is maintained.

The very powerful residents association in the area has strict zoning controls that do not permit building more than one storey up, ensuring privacy and no flats come up.

Plot is within 10 minutes of Brookhouse, Banda and GEMS cambridge schools;

Within 10 minutes of Galleria, Well, Karen Provision Stores in Hardy, Nairobi National Park and Bomas of Kenya.

Within 15 minutes of Karen hospital, Karen Country Club, Tamambo, Karen Office Park, Karen Shopping Centre, Daphne Sheldrick and Kitengela Glass.

Easy access to the Southern Bypass and the new link road from Langata Rd to Ngong Rd.

The neighbourhood is all natural vegetation. Not a single neighbour has a perimeter wall, which attests to both the need to conserve nature, as well as great security in the area.

Great neighbourhood for morning walks/runs, cycling or walking the dogs/horses.

Entry into the gated community is via 24-hr manned security barriers located on all three entry points: from Magadi Rd, from Banda lane and from Syedna Mohammed/Banda lane junction.

Water can be a challenge, as it is in most areas in Karen, but, there is possibility to either dig a borehole, connect supply from Mukoma water, or, buy from the many vendors doing brisk business in the area.

Bargain deal for those who seek a tranquil, natural, private life within easy reach of all modern amenities.

Property has a clean uncontested Title with neither charges nor encumberances.

Call 0720966840 to schedule viewing.


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