List of Countries and States that WEED aka CANNABIS SATIVA aka POT aka BHANG is LEGAL

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BELOW are Information On Countries Where Weed pot marijuana bhang also known as Cannabis sativa Is LEGAL:

Do not sell, transport, or cultivate marijuana.

Has decriminalized weed in some states but opted to keep it a more substantially punishable offense in others.

Widespread usage

Similar to the U.S. it is not condoned throughout the country but you can always find it. Laws and regulations are similar as well. Medical use of marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001.

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If your caught with over 22 grams you will have some trouble. You will also catch some jail time if you have more than 20 plants in your possession. So basically, your good to go, and you have been under the law since 1994.

Decriminalization for possession. Other regulations to follow.

Selling cannabis in Croatia is punishable by a mandatory prison sentence of three years—so that’s out, but possessing a small amount of the drug is only met with a light fine.

Possession of up to 15 grams for personal use has been decriminalized, while medical use on prescription has been legal and regulated since 2013.

Ten grams is the max legal limit in Ecuador in regards to possession. Anything else will equal jail time.


5 gram possession or your going to jail for a very long time.

You can legally consume cannabis in Germany for both medical and recreational use. It is decriminalized but you can still be fined.

Medical mary-jane is the only safe bet here.

Personal use of marijuana has been decriminalized in Israel, but getting caught smoking in public will still cost you a $270

You can have possession of up to two ounces (still a petty offense in some areas), and citizens can now grow up to five plants for use of religious purposes.


8 Health Benefits of Smoking WEED aka CANNABIS SATIVA aka POT aka BHANG.

Weed has been decriminalized since 2009.

Legal to possess, own, sell.

Legal in designated smoking areas, selling and transporting is still illegal.

You can literally walk into a grocery store and pick up a bag of weed. Legal to smoke, sell and cultivate.

It’s illegal to posses weed, however, it’s widely tolerated. The cultivation of weed has also been decriminalized.

Not legal to sell. However, you can smoke, possess and own.

The world leader. Portugal became the first nation in the world to legalize all drugs in 2001. Yes, every single one. You however may still face a small fine, but it’s not considered a criminal defense. You can carry up to 25 grams of weed without repercussion.

Legal to purchase own, sell six grams or less. Don’t attempt to circumvent the laws here…trust us.

Legal to purchase, own, sell, and anything in between. Spain has nearly 520+ cannabis clubs.

Cultivation of four marijuana plants per individual is legal

It is illegal to purchase or sell marijuana. However, you can legally own up to five grams or ten plants.

Uruguayan president, Jose Mujica, has legalized pot. The President has not specified the exact regulations, but as of now you must be at least 18 years old to purchase it.

8 Health Benefits of Smoking WEED aka CANNABIS SATIVA aka POT aka BHANG.



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