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I always empathise with women who have lose their husbands to these other women. There are women who lose their marriages because of their own foolishness but there are many who tried all that they could to save the marriage only for the man to be taken! The good news is, there is always a solution for this but before I give you the solution, lets look at the problem.

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The devil target man because man is the seed carrier in any family under heaven, when a man is attacked, a family and a marriage is destroyed!

This is how they do it;

A woman who is interested to have your man would go to a witch or as they are commonly known waganga. She will be asked to take either a chicken or goat for sacrifice, the witch will sacrife to the demon and the demon will be sent to destroy the marriage.

Because of the blood sacrifice, the demon will fight day and night to have the man love for his wife diverted to this other woman, eventually, the man will start loving this other woman, but this is not real love. The man will not even understand why he loves this other woman and sleep with her.

The man will leave work going home to his lovely family but once home, the man will be full of anger towards the wige and the kids, by and by he will begin to sleep out, eventually he will even impragnent this other woman!

Many Women miss it when they begin to fight the man and the other woman thinking that this will help but usually, fighting does not help at all, it does more harm than good because spiritual things are not solved carnally!

The worse still, is for any woman to visit a witch to solve her marital issues, this now always causes the demons to kill the man early!

Satan kingdom is united, thus, when a woman whos husband is under a demonc spell also goes to seek solution to the same demons, these evil forces would rather kill the man than to engage each other!

So what are the signs to look for if your man is under the spell? And what is the solution? Can a Christian man be under witchcraft spell?

To be continued only in our group!

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