[VIDEO] American TV Host Ellen Reunites Kenyan Family, Rewards Them With Sh5 Million

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American TV daytime TV show host Ellen Degeneres reunited a Kenyan woman living in the States with her family after two years of living apart.

The comedian called to the stage Achieng Agutu who left for US seeking higher education and later surprised her with a video call from her family members.

Achieng’ lives with a host family, the Graces but has a full time and still manages to go to school.

An excited Achieng’ explained that she is also an Uber driver, babysitter, teacher and sometimes cleans peoples houses and cars for an extra buck.

She further narrated how watching Ellen helped her master the English language.

This she did by listening to artists play on the Ellen Show, take down the lyrics and later search for the meaning of the words

She also explained that her parents have been working really hard to foot her fees as well as give back to the society.

Her folks, she said, are helping out at least 10 unfortunate children back in Kenya because they feel blessed. New SERIES & MOVIES on NETFLIX May Onwards

Her elder brother, Churchill is also off in South Africa in search of greener pastures.

It is then that Ellen had her camera crew connect Achieng and her family via video call. All this while however, they were back stage.

Achieng was surprised to see her family on stage.

Her father explained that being together again was huge for them.

They then played a game, courtesy of Walmart where Ellen gets to reward deserving people with Sh100 million for the entire month of May.


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