Top Companies To work For in Kenya

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Top Companies To work For in Kenya
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The BrighterMonday Best 100 Companies to Work for Report is the most candid,comprehensive and up-to-date guide on choice employers in Kenya as voted by current,former and prospective employees.

A survey was sent out to BrighterMonday’s database of you over 800,000 job seekers and received 2067 valid responses that were used to compile the Best 100 report.

As BrighterMonday launches its second edition of the highly acclaimed prestigious companies to work for, here are reasons why job seekers and employers should participate;

Job Seekers

Insights on Important Attributes in the Workplace

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The Best 100 Companies to Work for Report highlights the important factors in the workplace that influence productivity and retention.

Job seekers get an idea of what to look for when joining an new company. Factors like competitive pay, company pride, career growth as well as diversity and inclusion.

Ranking Employers Creates Accountability

Job seekers ranking employers provides insight of changing trends in workplace and market best practice. It also provides education on what is key for employees in the workplace and highlights the critical attributes for productivity,performance and employee retention.

Ranking Employers Provides Insight on Choice Employers

Job seekers looking for their next employer get insights into which companies are ranked high and for what reasons.

This informs job seekers as they send in applications and helps them know the desirable qualities in these employers. Take the survey now.

Employer / Company Stakeholders

Deeper Insights: BrighterMonday collates responses from employees both current and former and provides detailed feedback on what traits they desire in a company, their flight risk status and overall job satisfaction. With this information, BrighterMonday will go one step further to profile companies against similar companies and provide comparisons.

Company Showcase and Company Branding: BrighterMonday can visit company offices conduct interviews with staff and produce content (videos, articles, pictures) that companies can use to showcase their desirable office and employee culture.

This content can be shared to BrighterMonday’s huge database on their distribution platforms for added visibility.

Advertising in the BrighterMonday Report: The previous report had over 50,000 downloads, with millions of impressions and with an even bigger release this year, BrighterMonday can place your company in this report and position your brand in front of millions of relevant eyeballs.

If you are interested in any of the three value-adding services above as an employer or company owner, please reach out to and we will be happy to discuss further.

The first step is to get your staff to fill out this survey, it is anonymous and we do not capture the respondent’s identity.

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