11 Interesting Facts About Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore

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Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore on Wednesday became the talk of the town, following a bold move to publicly declare his fortune. Bob Collymore’s handsome salary – Sh9.1 Million per month – stunned most people creating an online buzz.

The Safaricom Boss dominated the Kenyan trends with Kenyans coining hilarious requests to him.

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Putting his jaw-dropping salary aside, here are other interesting facts about the Safaricom CEO.

1. Bob Collymore’s official name is Robert William Collymore.

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2. He is originally from Guyana, a country in South America.

3. He went to school in Guyana then later studied in the United Kingdom.

4. He started earning money when he was 12-years-old by selling art pieces from plasticine moulds.

5. Collymore’s first real job was as an office boy when he was 16-years-old.

6. The Safaricom Boss wakes up at 5.15am everyday.

7. During his early years, Collymore wanted to be a painter and he says he would still want to be one.

8. He does not like Kenyan food but rather prefers Chinese and Indian foods.

9. He is 57 years old and a father of two children

10. Bob enjoys flying helicopters and cycling.

Mr Collymore further revealed that he had accumulated property and shares worth over Sh277 Million.

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