[VIDEO] Vera Sidika New Boyfriend Photos

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[VIDEO] Vera Sidika New Boyfriend Photos
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Sidika (Photos)

Eva Nyambura
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vera sidika

Socialite Vera Sidika was the talk of town last week after she well, appeared looking a few shades darker only to reappear a few days later looking like herself. Or at least what we are used to.

When she made the comeback on Sunday, on her side was an undeniably good-looking man.

His name we understand is Jimmy Chansa, a doctor by profession.


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Chansa, by the look of things is well traveled and is friends with Tanzanian singer, Juma Jux.

Here are some of his photos:

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The dapper doctor has been in the country for a couple of days and Vera is over the moon.

It is because of him that she rejected producer Jegede’s advances on live TV.

“Vera, i have always loved you from way back. And words can’t explain my undying love for you. You’re everything i ever needed and more. A lot has been said about me, my love towards you.

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People think i’m after something. I’m not after money. I just want to share my love with you. I just want you to accept me the way i am,” Jegede declared on The Trend.

To his disappointment, Vera told the singer she was in a relationship.

“I appreciate you a lot but i have a boyfriend and here’s here [Kenya] you know,” said Vera.

Jegede did however did promise to wait for her.

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“I’ll wait for you. I won’t give up,” he said.

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