[VIDEO] How to Download and Install MPESA Digital Certificate

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[VIDEO] How to Download and Install MPESA Digital Certificate
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M-PESA Web System

The M-PESA web system enables you to:

  • View and monitor the payments that are made to your business tills or PayBill number.
  • Make M-PESA bulk payments to individuals.
  • Allow agency administrators to monitor and manage float levels and redistribute the same.
  • Download statements which can either be a record of payments received, payments made, deposits and float levels.
  • Integrate to third party platforms via API.
  • Move funds to respective bank accounts from tills or PayBill accounts.

The M-PESA website can be accessed via the following URL, using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari web browsers. The M-PESA Website is certificate based, this means that to be able to access it, you are required to have an M-PESA digital certificate installed on the computer you are using. If you need to Log in to M-PESA from a different PC at any time, you will require a separate certificate installed on that PC. Follow the process outlined below on each PC to have certificate installed on them.

  • You can install the certificate on as many machines as possible.
  • The certificate can ONLY be applied and installed on windows operating system.
  • Each Certificate is Valid for 2 years from the time it has been installed unless the computer has been formatted.
  • Certificate application and installation if free and not charged.

If the Windows PC you are using does not have an M-PESA certificate installed, you will receive the following error prompt when you try to access M-PESA website.

“org.ke.m-pesa.com didn’t accept your login certificate, or one may not have been provided”

Download instructions on how to apply and install a digital M-PESA certificate

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