USA Blacklists 100 Kenyans Linked To Corruption

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USA Blacklists 100 Kenyans Linked To Corruption
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The US Embassy in Nairobi has identified more than corrupt public figures it intends to block from entering the United States.

The list of 100 was drawn up by former Ambassador Robert Godec, but was not forwarded to Washington.

His successor, Ambassador Kyle McCarter, has revived the list and is sending the names and justification for blacklisting to Washington for approval.

And he is adding more names.

Washington will then advise on who is to be sanctioned and what kind of sanctions will be imposed.

US blacklist Kenyans linked to graft

“The ambassador wants more evidence touching on those mentioned so far. And he is also hoping there will be more high profile names once Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji approves charges in the Arror and Kimwarer dams investigations,” an embassy official told the Star.

Those on the list include national government officials, county officials and former and current parastatal chiefs.

US Embassy Spokesperson Emily Fertik told the Star Visa records are confidential under US law and the same has not been shared out by any government agency in Kenya including the immigration.

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“All foreigners who wish to enter the United States are subject to U.S. immigration laws which include ineligibilities for those proven to be involved in significant corruption,”Fertik said

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The Star has established that the list was arrived at after independent investigations into graft allegations and more evidence was assembled from documents presented in court.

While some of those on the list have already been charged, others are still under investigation.

A Cabinet minister on the list had been mentioned in a number of scams but no hard evidence of corruption has been found.

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