Top 10 UGLIEST CARS In The World!!

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Top 10 UGLIEST CARS In The World!!
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Fiat Multipla

On the market for 12 years, Multipla is one of the global champions of ugliness. On the other hand, it is a very practical vehicle which can seat up to six passengers and carry a lot of luggage. But the design is extremely bad with the front end so ugly that is hard to forget. The high roofline and big side windows only make it worse.

Toyota Yaris Versotoyota_yaris_verso

Toyota Yaris

The first generation of Toyota Yaris was quite a popular model on the global market and Toyota saw the potential to introduce a bigger version called Yaris Verso. Despite being very practical and compact and despite offering good usability in a tiny package, Yaris Verso was very ugly and nonproportional car indeed. In short, it looked like somebody crudely attached a minivan rear end to the Yaris front. That is why the next generation of Toyota Yaris abandoned the Verso version.

Nissan S-Cargo

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The S-Cargo is a tiny commercial van sold only in Japan. Nissan tried to make a simple, retro looking car and it succeeded. However, it turned to be very ugly. If we are talking about the design of the S-Cargo we have to realize that there isn`t any. It is just a white half circle of flat panels and rounded headlights. Simply, nothing.

Ford Scorpio
Ford Scorpio
When Scorpio was introduced in Europe it was the biggest and the most luxurious Ford product and its first generation really did well. But in 1994, Ford introduced a new model with a very controversial design. Ford somehow managed to make a car which looked ugly from every angle although it was a decent family sedan beneath the ill-sculpted metal. After only four years on the market, Scorpio was discontinued.

Nissan JUKE
Even though Nissan Juke is one of the most popular Nissan`s products at the moment, we can`t get over its looks. This car looks like a pile of molten plastic on which somebody has put headlights, taillights and license plates. Various magazine road tests declared it to a be good and usable compact car but nobody ever praised its design.

Pontiac Aztek
The success of the “Breaking Bad” TV show helped return the discontinued PontiacAztek into the spotlight of car enthusiasts worldwide. But, the general consensus is that Aztek is still one of the ugliest cars GM has ever produced. The looks are so repealing that it was discontinued in 2005 although was a very practical and usable car.

Isuzu VehiCross
Built from 1997 to 2001, VehiCross was Isuzu`s vision of a compact, capable off road car with innovative looks and dynamic feel. It was maybe capable going off-road and running through the jungle but its design was quite spooky with headlights staring at you from its blackout grille. Small windows and strange form didn`t inspire the buyers to take a chance at this model, and it was sold in limited numbers.

Volkswagen Type 181

Based on the ultra popular and influential VW Beatle, Type 181 also known as “The Thing” was a utilitarian version aimed at buyers who would use it as a beach vehicle. But in contrast to curvy looking beach buggies of the day, The Thing was square with flat body panels and edges. It looked like it could be built in anybody`s garage.

Suzuki X-90
Can you make an off-road coupe with Targa roof, all-wheel drive, and two seats? Suzuki tried and failed because their X-90 was neither and it looked pretty strange. We have to give kudos to Suzuki for trying to invent a new class of cars but also we have to mention it on our list since X-90 was a very ugly and nonproportional vehicle. That is why it was on the market for two years only and sales were embarrassingly weak.

Citroen Ami 6

Back in the `60s and the `70s, Citroen was known as the world`s most avant-garde car manufacturer with lots of strange looking cars. Dancing on the line between avant-garde and plain ugliness meant that Citroen sometimes crossed to the other side. This was the case with the Ami 6. It was a really ugly looking model, with a weird concave rear end and tiny wheels. It was quite popular in Europe but even Citroen fans never call it beautiful.

Toyota BB Toyota bb

Nissan CUBE

Nissan CUBE
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