This is How to Cancel Progressive Insurance

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How to Cancel Progressive Insurance

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Updated: June 21, 2019 | References

Progressive’s many advertisements always make it clear how easy it is to “switch and save” on insurance for your car, home, motorcycle, etc. Thankfully, if you’d like to cancel your Progressive policy instead, that process is pretty easy as well. The exact procedure will vary based on where you live, though, since — in the U.S., for instance — each state has its own insurance rules and regulations. Wherever you are, though, it’s always best to line up new insurance before canceling your Progressive policy, especially for a motor vehicle.

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Lining Up a Replacement Policy FirstEdit

  1. 1Choose a good time to consider switching insurers. You can cancel insurance provided by Progressive (or any other company) any time you want. That said, there are two particularly good times to consider switching insurers:[1]
    • Start comparing rates 3 to 4 weeks before the renewal date for your Progressive policy. Depending on the laws where you live, you should receive a renewal notice about a month before it’s due. Use this information to compare rates and products with several competitors.
    • Weigh your insurance options after a significant life event, like a marriage or divorce, the birth of a child, moving to a new home, or buying a new car or adding a new driver. Contact Progressive to see how such changes will affect your policy and rates, then use this to evaluate other options.
  2. 2Check your Progressive policy regarding cancellation fees. Depending on the laws in your area and the type of policy you have, you may need to pay a cancellation fee to end your policy before the renewal date. If there is a fee, it is often 10% of your outstanding premium. For instance, if you have 3 months left at $150 per month, your fee would be roughly $45.[2]
    • If you have prepaid for your policy, you will be refunded for the unused term following your cancellation, minus any fees ($450 – $45 = $405 in the above example).
    • Examine your Progressive policy for details, log in to your online account ), or call 800-776-4737 (U.S.).
  3. 3Choose new insurance coverage for your car. In the U.S., every state has an insurance requirement for motor vehicles, and you may be required by law to prove you have a new insurer in place when you cancel your Progressive policy. Shop around and find a new policy that suits your needs and your budget.[3]
    • To get quotes, you can: call insurance companies directly or visit their websites; visit the office of a nearby independent or company-affiliated insurance agent; or use third-party online quote comparison sites.
    • Arrange for the new policy to take effect on the day you want your Progressive policy to end.
    • You may be required by law or your mortgage company to have homeowner’s insurance as well.
  4. 4Ask your new insurer if they can help with the cancellation. Some insurers will be so eager to get your business that they’ll take care of much of the legwork in canceling your old policy. You may simply have to sign a form or provide a verbal confirmation. But, even if they don’t offer this service, the process is simple enough to take care of on your own.[4]

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