These are the Reasons why you should Avoid NAIROBI CLUBS

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There are many ways people choose to enjoy their lives.

Some people have taken clubbing as their weekend night activities.

Clubbing has both advantages and disadvantages. However, clubbing in Nairobi clubs is expensive and sometimes a waste of time. Here are some crucial reasons you must stop partying in Nairobi clubs:

1. Over-pricing drinks

It is no doubt that drinks in Nairobi clubs have always been overpriced. Some clubs sell their drinks at very high prices to make quick profits not caring how they are exploiting their customers.

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2. Overcrowding

Clubs in Nairobi are always full of people. Both teenagers and old people crowd in clubs around Nairobi mainly on weekends.

3. Getting drinks takes time

Due to many people in clubs around Nairobi, you will have to wait for some minutes before being served by a bartender. This is due to the many customers in line to be served.

4. Boring Nigerian music

Most clubs in Nairobi are always playing Nigerian music. Most people are not fans of such types of music. They end up being bored the whole night having bought drinks in that club.

5. Lack of seats

Some clubs are overcrowd and getting a seat in such could be a problem. You might end up standing in a club for a whole night.

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