Ruto Waiguru Financed IPSOS Corruption Survey To Cover Their Graft Tracks

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By Joseph Baraza courtesy of ANGAZA NEWS

The Deputy President William Ruto financed the IPSOS recent survey on corruption to deliberately play political games with the minds of Kenyans knowing that he may not escape the noose of corruption that is slowly tightening around his neck, Angaza News can authoritatively report.

The inclusion of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s names among other high profile national dignitaries was a deliberately plotted manipulation to hoodwink Kenyans on what the real intension of the survey was and who were its financiers and masterminds.

What is emerging is the fact that Ruto’s intention in collaboration with the Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru is to create an early publicity defense so that when the corruption hammer eventually lands on their heads – they will have a powerful weapon with which to defend themselves against prosecution.

This immediately brings into mind the well orchestrated publicity and media stunts that Ruto and Kenyatta pulled when they were facing the International Criminals Court (ICC) that brought them sympathy votes to lead the country in their first term.
Therefore when facing corruption use the publicity and media stunts to fight back, deflect the nooses from their necks, kill the evidence and at the end of the day win the hearts and minds of Kenyans that they were innocent and wrongly being vilified with the deadly truth buried in the publicity and media stunts.

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The roping of Kenyatta and Odinga and other leaders what Tom Wolf of IPSOS was not telling Kenyans is the fact that Waiguru and Ruto do not want to die alone in the war against corruption.
Therefore, Kenyatta and Odinga who are the forces behind the war must also be drugged in so that they do appear to be as innocent as Kenyans may want to think.

This time round Ruto and Waiguru who have since been adversely mentioned in corruption related cases with high possibilities that the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Hajji may not spare them in his relentless war against the corrupt which has already netted the big and the mighty and the untouchables.

ndeed it is now emerging that soon after IPSOS released its survey, the duo who are planning to run for the country’s top leadership in 2022 despite being heavily implicated in corruption related cases at the National Youth Service (NYS) and the Weston Hotel among other projects met to make further strategies – hence their well orchestrated reactions to the stage managed survey they financed to manipulate Kenyans.

According to IPSOS the DP scored 33% as most mentioned individual in graft scandals, followed by the Kirinyaga governor with 31% .

The survey also revealed 51% of Kenyans had faith in Uhuru in the fight against graft and impunity – The report indicated 32% of Kenyans believed corruption was the most serious problem in the country.

A new survey by IPSOS Synovate has found Deputy President William Ruto and Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru were the most corrupt individuals in Kenya.

The damning 2018 IPSOS report on graft, released on Wednesday, August 22, showed Kenyans strongly believed the deputy president was the most corrupt leader in the country, followed closely by Waiguru.

Therefore it came as no surprise that they immediately claimed that the opinion was paid for by the political detractors of the DP who think this will help their course to the presidency.

“The findings are part of the political scheme by the usual failures because how do you measure perception?” Mr Ruto’s spokesman and Director of Communications at his office David Mugonyi said.

He added: “The so-called survey used data that is too politically correlated to be meaningful.

At a time when people are so desperate that they want to amend the Constitution to bar the DP from running for the presidency, it should not shock anyone that a survey like this would be concocted.”

This clearly confirms the fact that Ruto indeed deliberately finance the survey so that he could use it to seek publicity of support from Kenyans as the deadly axe of corruptions continues to advance towards his neck.

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