List of 47 County Offices of ODPP (Director of Public Prosecution) Email Address, Contacts Kenya

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written by Victor Matara COURTESY

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This is a list of all 47 county offices of the director of public prosecutions in Kenya as of 2018. As we highlighted earlier on this website, the main function of the office of the director of public prosecutions in Kenya is to prosecute those charged by the police and other investigative agencies with criminal offenses while upholding, protecting and promoting human and constitutional rights.

List Of 47 County Offices Of The Director of Public Prosecutions in Kenya

  COUNTY Location and Contacts​​ 
 1  BARINGO COUNTY Talai Plaza, 2nd Floor​​ P.O BOX 110-30400, KABARNET​​ TEL: 0208-008289E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 2  BOMET COUNTY Cooperative Bank BuildingP.O BOX 236-20400, BOMETTEL: 020-2194667E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 3  BUNGOMA COUNTY  HIBHO Plaza, 2nd FloorP.O BOX 2058-50200, BUNGOMATEL: 0770-355066E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 4  BUSIA COUNTY ECO Bank Building, 1st FloorP.O BOX 476-50400, BUSIATEL: 077-4204446E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 5  ELGEYO-MARAKWET COUNTY  AFC BuildingP.O BOX 578-30700, ITENTEL: 208-008291E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 6  EMBU COUNTY Faith House ACK House, 2nd FloorP.O BOX 2855, EMBUTEL: 31227E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 7  GARISSA COUNTY Rt. General Mohamud Plaza, 1st FloorP.O BOX 69-70100, GARISSATEL: 046-2102362E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 8  HOMA BAY COUNTY District Treasury BuildingP.O BOX 153-40300, HOMA-BAYTEL: 020-2698187/0202696130E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 9  ISIOLO COUNTY DC’S OfficeP.O BOX 739-60300, ISIOLOTEL: 020-2395001E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 10  KAJIADO COUNTY ODPP BuildingP.O BOX 646-01100, KAJIADOTEL: 020 – 2622894E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 11  KAKAMEGA​​ COUNTY  PC’S Building Block ‘A’, 2nd FloorP.O BOX 1529-50100, KAKAMEGATEL: 056 – 31049E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 12  KIAMBU COUNTY Thika Arcade, 6th FloorP.O BOX 6219-01000, THIKATEL: 020-2309459E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 13  KIRINYAGA COUNTY Professional Plaza, 2nd FloorP.O BOX 1224-10300, KERUGOYATEL: 202-695803E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 14  KERICHO COUNTY AFC Building, 1st FloorP.O BOX 1512-20200, KERICHOTEL: 020-2172594E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 15  KILIFI COUNTY Malindi Complex Building, 1st FloorP.O BOX 5751-80200, MALINDITEL: 042-2121259E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 16  KISII COUNTY AG Chambers Building, Ground FloorP.O BOX 2470-40200, KISIITEL: 058-2030331E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 17  KISUMU COUNTY Nyanza Provincial Headquarters, 7th FloorP.O BOX 1902-40100, KISUMUTEL: 057 -2024620E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 18  KITUI COUNTY Nzambani BuildingP.O BOX 448-90200, KITUITEL: 077-1258125E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 19  KWALE COUNTY Mwanabeyu PlazaP.O BOX 201-80403, KWALETEL: 0770-165945E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 20  LAIKIPIA COUNTY Pearl Place, Ground FloorP.O BOX 1698-10400, NANYUKITEL: 020-2573752E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 21  LAMU COUNTY Bahari HouseP.O BOX 43 – 80500, LAMUTEL: 020-2424750E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 22  MACHAKOS COUNTY  Kiamba MallP.O BOX 1041-90100, MACHAKOSTEL: 044-2021041E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 23  MAKUENI COUNTY SOI Plaza, 1st FloorP.O BOX 531-90300, WOTETEL: 208-008283E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 24  MANDERA COUNTY DC’s OfficeP.O BOX 478-70300, MANDERATEL: 0786-605521E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 25  MARSABIT COUNTY Madina HouseP.O BOX 387-60500, MARSABITTEL: 020-2192632E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 26  MERU COUNTY Ntara Place Building, 2nd FloorP.O BOX 2377-60200, MERUTEL: 064-32543/020262945E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 27  MIGORI COUNTY Dev Mart Building, 2nd floorP.O BOX 1228-40400, MIGORITEL: 020-2348709/008290E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 28  MOMBASA COUNTY Uchumi House BuildingP.O BOX 80896-80100, MOMBASATEL: 041-2222211E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 29  MURANG’A COUNTY Ministry of Lands Building, 1st FloorP.O BOX 931-10200, MURANGATEL: 060-2030400E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 30  NAIROBI COUNTY NSSF BLOCK ‘A’, 19th & 18th FloorP.O BOX 30701-00100, NAIROBITEL: 020-2732090E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 31  NAKURU COUNTY CDN Plaza, Ground & 2nd FloorP.O BOX 1165-20100, NAKURUTEL: 053 – 8008373E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 32  NANDI COUNTY Barngetuny BuildingP.O BOX 318-30300, KAPSABETTEL: 0202-2392730E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 33  NAROK COUNTY Information Office, 1st FloorP.O BOX 991-20500, NAROKTEL: 050-23247E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 34  NYAMIRA COUNTY Jubilee PlazaP.O BOX 243-40500, NYAMIRATEL: 202-392734E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 35  NYANDARUA COUNTY  Ministry of Water & Irrigation BuildingP.O BOX 321-20318, NORTH KINANGOPTEL: 0202-396060E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 36  NYERI COUNTY Provincial Commissioner’s OfficeBlock ‘A’, 2nd & 3rd FloorP.O BOX 463-10100, NYERITEL: 061-2030698E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
SAMBURU COUNTY Siambu Plaza, Ground FloorP.O BOX 231-20600, MARALALTEL: 202-392727/020-2688339E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 38  SIAYA COUNTY J&J BuildingP.O BOX 681-40600, SIAYATEL: 0208-008287E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 39 TAITA–TAVETA COUNTY  Maghamba PlazaP.O BOX 760-80300, VOITEL: 020-2318016E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 40  TANA RIVER COUNTY  DC’s OfficeP.O BOX 10-80200, GARSENTEL: 202-395930E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 41  THARAKA-NITHI COUNTY  Meru South Coop Sacco BuildingP.O BOX 791-60400, CHUKATEL: 020-2459002E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 42  TRANS NZOIA COUNTY  Ndege House 3rd FloorP.O BOX 663-30200, KITALETEL: 054-31273E-MAIL:​​ [email protected]
 43  TURKANA COUNTY District TreasuryP.O BOX 563-30500, LODWARTEL: 020-2640008E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 44  UASIN GISHU COUNTY  K.V.D.A Plaza, 10th FloorP.O BOX 4024-30100, ELDORETTEL: 053-2031781/053-2060110E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 45  VIHIGA COUNTY County Commissioners Office,P.O BOX 840-50300, MARAGOLITEL: 077-5711735E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 46  WAJIR COUNTY DCS OfficeP.O BOX 417-70200, WAJIRTEL: 020-2594873E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 
 47  WEST POKOT COUNTY  Divisional Police HeadquartersP.O BOX 363-30600, KAPENGURIATEL: 202-395932E-MAIL:​​ [email protected] 

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