LATEST: Best Ukraine Telegram Groups and Channels

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LATEST: Best Ukraine Telegram Groups and Channels
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30+ Ukraine Telegram Group and Channel Link (April 2023)

If you are one of those searching for thebest Ukraine Telegram Groupsandbest Ukraine Telegram Channelsthen this is the exact place where you should be there on. Loaded with a wide variety of Telegram group links one can easily have a taste of the real feel of Ukraine Telegram Ukraine.

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In order to see and listen to the real voice of Ukraine, you need to join these groups. Believe me, you will be amazed to see content and information on these channels. I know there are many more telegram groups and channels present out there but these are one of the best which we found out from our research.

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Without spending any more time please visit these Ukrainian Telegram group links for Free and share your opinions below in the comment section.


Best Ukraine Telegram Groups to Join in 2023

We all know that in this present time a ferocious war is going on between Russia and Ukraine. People are spreading a lot of false information and facts. But our duty is to let you know about the authentic sources on Telegram where you get the exact information without any lie.

Ukraine Telegram Group

These Ukraine Telegram Channels and Groups are very much user-friendly, again you can just join them and experience the kind of quality you will be getting through these telegram groups.

We, know the list is not enough, but we are trying to add new channels regularly. Well, check the list.

LATEST: Best Ukraine Telegram Groups and Channels

1. The Kyiv Independent

This is the only official channel of Kyiv Independent. You will get the most authentic and accurate news on this telegram channel.

In order to crack some of the toughest exams like JEE and NEET, you need to learn some warking tricks and tips which will help you to save time. Here these channels will come in handy and you will be able to learn a lot from them.

If you want to get a premium account for Free like Unacademy Plus Account, Vedantu Pro account, Physics Wallah premium account, askIITian Pro account, Allen premium course, Aakash itutor premium account, and many more, then do join this channel. Because there happens a lot of Giveaways in which you can win these free account access.


It gives updates in a timely manner, and sort of filters them. Like don’t trust what you see there 100%, but I find it to be fairly accurate and helps me know what’s going on right now. It’s in Ukrainian though.

But these guys are doing their job well and providing what is required at this present moment. Going forward please share this Ukraine Telegram Group link war on Social Media or any other platform to grow the user base.


This is another official telegram channel group for Ukraine people out there. We all know that telegram is a pro-Russian app but since then also some telegram channels and groups are doing a fantastic job of providing the best content about the ongoing war.

If you feel like missing something then this channel or group on telegram is what you need to join. With the quality content and regular publishing, these admins are doing really commendable job in hand. So without wasting any more time do check out the best Ukraine Telegram Groups.

4. Audrius Bačiulis

Looking forward to an authentic Telegram Group covering the Ukraine people with real eyes. Then this is the group which you were looking for so long. Covered with an authentic medium of facts and figures, this channel has done justice to this present scenario.

If you want to know the ground reality then this channel is what you should be checking right now. With the immense amount of correct data, the admin has done his work quite well. Now it’s our time to support him in joining his channel and group.

5. Discover Ukraine

In order to get to view the real beauty of Ukraine then this channel is for you. With the right kind of natural as well as monumental beauty, the Ukraine Telegram Group is doing a fantastic job.

People all over the world are watching this telegram group to view exactly what it looks like in Ukraine. Believe me, each piece of photo or video is well described by the admins which give the right kind of knowledge to the audience and to get the real vibe of that place.

Ukraine Telegram GroupJoining Link
The Kyiv IndependentJoin Now
ЄдністьJoin Now
Audrius BačiulisJoin Now
Discover UkraineJoin Now
NFT Community UkraineJoin Now
Ukraine NOWJoin Now
Verkhovna Rada of UkraineJoin Now
Новости УкраиныJoin Now
آخرین اخبار اوکراینJoin Now

Ukrainian Telegram Channel Rules You Need to Follow

If you wish to join these Best Ukraine Telegram War Groups and Channels then you must follow certain rules set by the admins of these channels and groups. For your convenience I have mentioned these rules, please go through them once.

  • Any kind of Spamming, Promotion or Link Sharing is highly prohibited.
  • Have respect for the group members.
  • Don’t write or say any kind of ill words or slang.
  • Only contact the admins if you face any kind of issue which you wish to resolve.


Till now, you must be seen and observed the excellentUkraine Telegram Group Link 2023. I can assure you that these top Ukraine Telegram channels are the best channel trending over the Internet.

We have really done our homework well in finding the best only for you.

If you are still not happy with the listed best Telegram Ukraine groups then feel free to comment to us regarding that and we will be more than happy to list your channel if it passes our requirement for best channels.

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