How To Join Illuminati Tops Google Search Review

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How To Join Illuminati Tops Google Search Review
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How To Join Illuminati Tops Google search

By Edward

What have you been google searching?Google Kenya trends In the ‘How to’ category have released their most trending searches.

How to-do category indicates the highest key problems faced by Kenyans.

Top trending How-to, search was,How to lose weight. The same question topped last annual search trends. Tackling obesity the increased awareness on healthier lifestyles.

How to cook Mandazi came second. First quarter of the year has couple of celebrations like, New year’s eve, Valentine’s Day, mother’s Day, Women’s day, World’s cancer day, labour day and many more.

Increased family and friends meet ups and reunions believed to be the reason behind this. With some indicators showing that increased price of maize flour was the reason behind the trendy search.

How to withdraw Money From Sportpesa was the third. Kenyan gambling market erupted to hire scales. The get rich quick society has found refuge in the Kenya’s popular betting site.

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The key search that has recurred was How to join the illuminati. Are Kenyans willing to sell their souls? Has the religion failed in mentoring the society?

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Lastly How to get pregnant. Yet another recurring search on the Kenya’s search trends. This indicates higher the struggles Kenyans may have with fertility.

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