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SOLVER POLYIMIDE founded in 2010 November, is a professional and high-tech manufacturer of POLYIMIDE (PI) and its products with the name “GOLDEN PLASTIC”.
SOLVER POLYIMIDE’S polyimide is a kind of high performance engineering plastic. It not only has excellent thermal, mechanical, dielectric, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance and anti-radiation performance, but also has good machinability. It can be shaped through different methods such like molding, extrusion, injection molding and injection. Recombined with glass fiber (GF),carbon fiber (CF), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), graphite, molybdenum disulfide etc, it can greatly improve the overall performance of the composite polymer materials, e.g. mechanical properties, self-lubrication, wear-resistance. It has been widely used in many fields like aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile micro-electronics, electric circuit, chemical equipments, fine mechanics etc.
The designed annual production capacity of the monomer and polyimide resin produced by SOLVER POLYIMIDE with independent intellectual property rights is 500 tons. It is the first domestic manufacturing enterprise that realizes the polyimide industrialization. Including thermoplastic polyimide and thermosetting polyimide, our product variety is complete. At present our main products are:
1.Thermoplastic Polyimide:
·Thermoplastic Polyimide Particle
·Thermoplastic Polyimide Moulding Powder
·Thermoplastic Polyimide Liquid
·Thermoplastic Polyimide Profile
· Thermoplastic Polyimide Adhesive
2.Thermosetting Polyimide:
·Thermosetting Polyimide Powder
·Thermosetting Polyimide Liquid
·Thermosetting Polyimide Composite
·Thermosetting Polyimide Profile

3.Polyimide Monomer:
·SolverPI-Monomer 6FDA
·SolverPI-Monomer AHHF
·SolverPI-Monomer BTDA
·SolverPI-Monomer HFBAPP
·SolverPI-Monomer TMAH

4.Polyimide Foam:
·Polyimide Rigid Foam
·Polyimide Flexible Foam

5.Polyimide Resin:
·SolverPI-Resin 6002
·SolverPI-Resin 7002
·SolverPI-Resin 70SY1
·SolverPI-Resin 70SY2
·SolverPI-Resin 705R
·SolverPI-Resin 7005
·SolverPI-Resin 7051

6.Polyimide Coating
·Thermoplastic High Temperature Polyimide Coating

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7.Polyimide Composite Material
·Polyimide Resin Composite 15% PTFE
·Polyimide Resin Composite 15% Graphite
·Polyimide Resin Composite 40% Graphite
·Polyimide Resin Composite 15% Graphite and 10% PTFE
·Polyimide Resin Composite 15% Molybdenum Disulfide

8.Polyimide Liquid Crystal Alignment Agent
·SolverPI-Solution 625

SOLVER POLYIMIDE has advanced production technology with strong controllability; QC specialist monitors the whole production process (raw materials, intermediate products and so on), test, first-class quality, stable performance, cost-effective products, competitive. It has a complete, scientific quality management system and strong R&D and after sale service team, providing the most complete technical support to customers.
SOLVER POLYIMIDE has a strong R&D team led by post-doctors. Including many masters, doctors and professors in the related fields, it has the first-class R&D center and laboratory in China.
Welcome to contact SOLVER POLYIMIDE.High temperature tape suppliers

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