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What is this country turning into ???
Can’t believe this is happening.
This morning a Lady called a shoemaker to help fix her slippers .

She allowed him stay in their compound while she went back inside to continue with what she was doing.
When this shoemaker was fixing the Ladys slippers , he added something under the slippers before sticking it.

Luckily for the Lady, her landlord was at the balcony watching the shoemaker without his knowledge.
When he finished fixing the slippers, he called her and told her that he had finished.

She came out and he told her to try it on in order to make sure that it was OK..
Her landlord shouted from upstairs ‘no no!! Don’t try putting on that Slipperss!!!!!
He came downstairs and forced the shoemaker to put his leg in the slippers, and the shoemaker refused, then he alerted the neighbours who all gathered and forced him to put on the slippers,
immediately he put his leg… in the slippers, Guess what happened????

The slippers cut…. He did not sew it… well????. Udaku Itawamaliza. Acha niende hivi nakam…

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I never forced u to read ooo , ????,????????.

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