Automatic slitting machines factory

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Our company, Wuxi Jinye complete set of equipment Co.,Ltd., work in the coil processing machine field for 20 years.
As machine plant, we design and make each machine customerized. From machine parts materials selection, each part machining and treatment, whole machine assembly and surface painting, we carefully note each detail of whole production process to achieve good quality machine result.
The satisfaction of customers is our motivation to continuously improve. whenever customers need our services, we are ready to provide; no matter what a customer suggests, we are eager to listen to. In a word, we go with the market trend.
Our machines have reached over 50 countries around the world, our engineers go to customer’s plant to direct installing and teach how to operate machine. Until now with most old customers we keep stable communications.
Welcome you to inquire our machines, we will reply you at rapid speed. If you come to visit us, we are very honored to receive you.
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Our sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market:
Middle east: saudi arabia, iraq, UAE, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Iran
Africa: Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa
Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam
South Asia: Sri Lanka, India
Latin America: Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador
Europe and America: Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, USA, Russia, Australia
Middle Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
Our service
Besides our existing the coil processing machine products, Wuxi Jinye also can produce products according to the drawings or samples from our customers.
Ø  Provide the technical design and solutions;
Ø  New plant construction guidance;
Ø  Designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment;
Ø  Professional technical training and guidance on site according to the contract;
Ø  Supply accessories at any time;
Ø  Tele-technical consulting and services;
Ø  Other special technical service according to client’s requirements.Automatic slitting machines factory
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