BBI Report Leaked (Building Bridges Initiative) MUST RRAD & SHARE

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BBI Report Leaked (Building Bridges Initiative) MUST RRAD & SHARE
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BBI Report Leaked (Building Bridges Initiative) MUST RRAD & SHARE

1) Powerful PM elected by the PEOPLE for a single 7 year term. To have 3 Deputy PMs from different regions/ tribes to dilute the Executive. PM to be an MP and will answer questions in Parliament every Thursday…
2) A ceremonial rotational President selected by MPs for a 5 Year single Term. A unifying figure to champion national cohesion.
3) SENATE to be Abolished. National Assembly to remain as it is. No more increase of Constituencies but WARDS to be increased every 7 years. MPs salaries capped at Ksh 1M a month.

4)Nominated MPs and nominated MCAs seats to be abolished.
5)CSs to be appointed from Parliament or outside it .
6) 22 CS and 24 Deputy CSs to be appointed from all Regions. Inclusitivity to be observed , no 2 CS , Deputy CS or PSs from the same tribe.
7) Health Service Commission to be set up to handle health matters instead of counties.
8) CDF to be Abolished and be Replaced with WARD Development Fund ( WDF) .Minimum of Ksh 100M for every ward , to be managed by committee & Board not directly by MCAs.
9)Corruption will be a Capital Offence like Murder , to be heard and tried within 6 months. Convicts to lose all their Wealth. All Corruption Convicts to be jailed at West Pokot GK prison , Moyale GK Prison , Lodwar GK Prison & Mandera GK Prison.
10) Counties to remain 47 but Regional Economic Blocs to be set up for economic viability. To be structured into 14 Economic Blocs. Counties to pool funds for cross- county development projects.
11) 40% of National Revenues to be sent to Counties. Wards to be the new centres/ foundations of Development with Counties to divide 50% of their Allocations directly to Wards. County Assemblies capacities to be strengthened with MCAs needing a degree as qualification.
12) HELB , Universities to be restructured with HELB loans made Interest FREE. Past Loans waived for youths .
13) Govt Employees Retirement Age revised down to 55 Years and Public Service to use WARDS as base in all appointments . Inclusivity in the Civil Service with all tribes, Youths included.

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